An Average Guy’s Guide To Understanding Her Mood

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You just got off the phone with your girlfriend and you’re wondering what made her suddenly go from a very loving and adorable being to an erratic and barely recognizable fire spitting dragon and back again to a super nice sexy being all in a matter of 20 minutes. Not to worry, you’re caught up in the same scenario with 3 billion other men. Women are probably the most difficult to understand and complicated of all creatures.

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Your girlfriend can be telling you one minute how good you make her feel and the next, she’s telling you how she wished you weren’t always bearing down her neck. Now you’re probably thinking you’re dating more than one girl with the different personalities that comes with her mood swings.

You want to understand her emotions, take a seat and buckleup because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Fluctuating Emotions
All humans experience mood swings but those of females tend to be a notch higher than that of men. This may be because women tend to experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which a lot of them use as an excuse to act all bitchy.

Hormonal changes and PMS as it affects mood swings have some biological evidence, especially relating to your girlfriend’s menstrual cycle.

Could It Be You?

Some women tend to have sour moods than others and it is mostly up to you to determine what her threshold for patience and tolerance is. Take for instance you’re out to watch a movie and at the end of it, you comment about how terrible the female protagonist sucked at keeping her relationship and then she blows up at you. Next thing you know, she no longer wants to talk to you all through the walk home.


The Thing To Do
Instead of assuming, understand why she snapped. Determine the exact words you said that upset and tripped her off or if you both had an underlying issue for which she’s still angry. Discuss these things with her as soon as you can, especially if you’ve given her sufficient time to douse her anger.

Make sure you keep communication as open as possible to avoid suppressed negative feelings.

How Often Does Her Mood Changes?
If you find out that her mood changes frequently with you constantly having to apologise for her behaviour, then there may be something bigger she’s not telling you. It may be work, family or even you.

If she’s moody more times than she’s happy, you may want to decide to accept her the way she is especially if her positives outweigh her crankiness. That decision is entirely yours to make.

PMS And Her Moods

Women normally experience fluctuations in their emotions 7 to 10 days before they menstruate mostly because their hormones at that point in time are chaotic. Due to the discomfort your girlfriend might feel during this period, it is ideal for you to give her this time as “grace period.”

As such, expect her not to be herself for at least 5 days every month while she’s experiencing PMS.

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Handling PMS Mood swings


The best thing to do when she’s experiencing PMS is to show sympathy. Give her whatever she craves for from chocolate to roasted corn. And allow her snap at you once or twice in between.
Don’t allow verbal abuse. If she does, tell her she doesn’t have to do what she’s doing even though you understand what she’s passing through.

Psychological Mood Swings

People with bi-polar personalities are easily set off. Stress may make some women experience mood swings, while some women only experience a change in mood as a result of PMS.

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Establish the cause, whether it’s part of her personality or as a result of stress or general crankiness. The rest is entirely up to you what method and manner you want to go about it.



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