An Average Guy’s Guide To Turning Her On

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No matter how skilled you are right now at turning women on, there probably was a time you found it difficult to decipher how to make her crave for you. So for the greenhorn and the experts, there are things you’re going to be reading now that you never knew could turn a woman on. From verbal to non-verbal techniques, this guide is tested and trusted techniques that are guaranteed to make her weak in the knees for you.

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Verbal Means

Verbal communication is the first and important step in turning her on. Master the use of seductive words and tone before moving on to any physical move that will likely increase her craving for sex.

Sex Talk

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The chances of her getting turned on without you talking about sex is next to none. You need to plant the thoughts in her mind by raising things that will provoke her mind to think about how good you’re likely to be in bed.
Isolate Her

The best ways to get the sexual tension at full blast is to isolate her from everyone to avoid distractions from friends and acquaintances. You can get her away from people at a public place by taking her for a walk or somewhere more private.

Talk Slowly And Sexily

Slow down the speed with which you talk and pause in between your statements while looking into her eyes. This is bound to have her craving for you. If you want to be more seductive you have to be smooth with your words. By slowing down with the way you speak, pausing in between words and looking into her eyes while you do this, she will be craving for you next.

Pull Her Close

This is the non-verbal side of getting her and the best thing to do is to put your hands around her waist and pull her close to you. Women love strong men and pulling her close sends the message and is a way of setting up a kiss. However, only make a move if you know it’s what she wants. Do not force yourself on her.

Gaze Method

The triangular gaze technique is a proven and tested method that builds sexual rapport. Look at her left eye and hold the gaze for 3 seconds, move to the right eye and do the same before looking at her lips for another 3 seconds. Repeat this procedure for 2 to 3 minutes and the fact that you want to kiss her will be firmly planted in her mind. If she asks why you’re looking at her lips, tell her straight up you want to kiss her.

Try A Cheek Kiss

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Trying a cheek kiss will let you know if she’s ready for a mouth kiss. Hold her shoulders and move in to give her a peck on the cheek while ensuring you’re close enough to her lips. Watch her reaction, if she moves away from you, you may want to hold on and try again but if she remains in same position with an inviting smile, you just got her exactly where you want her.

Touch Her

Touching and grooming her will tell her how much you care about her wellbeing and appearance. Help her brush her hair away from her face and she’d feel the tension build up in her. Follow this up with gentle kisses on her forehead to show affection and she’d like you more for doing that. Perhaps because they see it in the movies, women subconsciously love this and it will work perfectly for you.

If you notice she has become comfortable with your touches, proceed to touch her waist without pulling away before kissing her. If she however touches your chest or stomach, she most likely wants to kiss you.

Notice Her Signs And Act

If you notice her staring at you intently with dilated pupils while touching your arm or stomach, she’s already weak in the knees for you and probably needs you to kiss her. It’s time to go for it.

The more you learn and act with this guide, the more you’d learn to act with your instincts. Master the verbal and non-verbal means and you’ll have her craving for your magic stick in no time.



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