An Average Guy’s Guide To Spying On Your Girlfriend

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Spying on your girlfriend is important as a lot of people cheat. She may not be part of the cheaters club but you sure want to know which guy is presently crushing on her. You have to be in on those juicy details she’s giving her girlfriends about you.

You should however know that statistics show that between 45-55% of women have some form of affair during a relationship. As a sharp guy, you can never rule out the possibility that your girlfriend is cheating on you which is why spying on her might be necessary.

Isn’t it BETTER to know?

You may consider spying on your partner for several reasons. If she’s not keeping her honey pot exclusively for your reserve, it will surely affect everyone you have around you. I’m not here to discuss the moral effects of having a partner that cheats, but to help you find out the best ways to get those juicy details of her personal life without her catching you.

The truth however is that women are masters of the spying game and you can learn one or two things from their modus operandi. More so, women are genetically prone to cheating less which makes it very difficult to catch them when they do decide to cheat.


Women are better at spying than men
The moment you drop your phone to go take your bath or for whatever reason, your woman goes for it and disects all the contents. You can take out time to learn from the stealth and discrete nature she employs in doing so. Check her text messages only when she’s not around. If she has a password on her phone, endeavour to get access to it. The phone is usually the place where all the dirty secrets lie.


Ask For Her Phone
This is the fastest way to spy without getting caught. You can trick her into believing that your phone’s battery is dead and that you need to do some things urgently with her phone. Go ahead to make a call or send a text message with the phone so as not to raise suspicions while you snoop through the phone. Chances are she will feel reluctant to give you the phone if there is incriminating evidence in it. Walk away from where she is by pretending you’re making a phone call and spy as much as you can on the phone.

Ask A Trusted Friend For Help
If you have difficulty accessing her phone, you can ask someone you trust to help you visually search the phone history. This is however risky because you’d be bringing another person in on your spying and you also run the risk of them telling.


Social Networks
A lot of people plan and execute their cheating games over social networks. If you’re interested in spying on your girlfriend for any reason, her social networks pages might be the right place. Spying on social networks comes with its own preferred methodology. Access to their login passwords can be of much help in accessing your girlfriend’s different social media handles. The technologies present in smartphones such as Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc. presents a unique opportunity to even out the odds.


Spy Applications
A couple of spy applications such as FlexiSPY and VisiSPY exist which can help get you details of the activities she’s carrying out on a daily basis. These spy applications help you to keep tabs on the people your woman chats with, the emails and text messages she sends.
More so, it also gives you Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to compare where they say they are and where they really are. Moreover, these spy applications have the ability to detect different SIM cards. You can be notified if she changes her SIM card while also having the ability to read all her text messages including access to her call logs.

Lastly, before you decide to spy on your partner, try other means. Never accuse them of something you’re not sure of, neither should you judge them as a result of the things an ex did to you. Consider spying only when the above fails. It is always better to be upfront and simply ask to see your girlfriend’s phone. If you must know however, then do what you can!



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