An Average Guy’s Guide To Sexting

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Sexting has become so commonplace in today’s world and if you’ve never tried it out, you’re on a long thing. If you’re the type of guy who gets the ladies and has weekends filled with a bit of alcohol and fun that leads to doing certain irresponsible things, you’d realise that you should be at the top of your sext game if you have any hope of getting loads of naked pictures sent to you.

Now, this is not to say you’re promiscuous, it simply means you want to have a bit of spark either in your relationship or with a random babe. If you want to sext and get it right, you definitely have to do it the right way or you may end up scaring away a potential sex partner.

Sexting with girls can be tricky as doing it could get you in trouble faster than you think. Here’s the guide that will guarantee you sex while ensuring you stay out of jail.

Never Show Your Face In Your Dick Pics

face sext

One thing you can’t separate from women is gossip. They tell their friends everything from what kind of food makes them horny to how large a penis their man has. As such, you shouldn’t be surprised if the picture of your erect penis gets shown to quite a number of people. Not showing your face can be a smart way of avoiding future troubles if things go sour with your present mate.
No matter how dope your face and body looks, keep it out of the picture as this would ensure there is no specific proof of your identity. This can make you deny the picture if the need ever arises.

Sext Only With Girls You’re Having Sex With Or Potential Ones

ho sext

Ensure you already have a somewhat intimate relationship with your potential sext partner. Never surprise someone with a message that comes out of nowhere. Sexting is an art which requires careful strokes to get the best out of. Get a potential partner in the mood by showing subtle hints regarding what you want her to say or do before surprising her. Women love surprises but not the type where she’s suddenly hit with a picture of your erect penis.
Ideally, you shouldn’t sext someone you’ve never seen naked. But if you decide to embark on this, simply start subtly with erotic messages and build it up to the naked pictures.

Send Something You Know She’d Show Her Friends

Girl On Beach Texting

On the bright side, some advantages can come out of our inability to keep shit to ourselves – a hot picture which she can show to her girlfriends could possibility get you a date after you two break up. Then you can piss off the crazy bitch by dating her girlfriends!

Keep Your Body Hair Trimmed

manscape sext

If you’re all about sending pictures of your penis which you probably will, make sure you manscape and keep the hair as aesthetic as possible. This will make your penile beauty more pleasing to her eyes.


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Make Your Muscles Obvious

muscle sext

Women respond quite a bit to what they see and a well toned body sits atop what pleases their eyes. If you have a well muscled body, do a couple of pushups before taking a sext picture. This will make you appear oiled, while also showing your curled chest and biceps. This is guaranteed to make her imagination run wild.

Show Some Class

classless sexting
Women love to build up tension and eroticism. That is what differentiates the way women appreciate sexting and the way men do. Showing class when it comes to your sext approach is essential and it would do a lot to get her to warm up to you. You don’t have to straight up take a picture of your erect penis. Simply take a picture of your naked muscular chest which may do much to her libido than what a picture of your lower extremity can ever do.

Women are very imaginative and that is why erotic novels remain bestsellers. Chat her up with a description of the things you’d do to her body when you’re alone with her. This would do much more than an image of sex can ever do.

Watch Her Response

reaction sext

Obviously, the reason you’re sexting is to get a feeling of connection and sexual response, isn’t it? After sending a couple of sexually suggestive messages ,you should pretty much be able to deduce whether she’s in the groove or not. If there’s no positive response, it’s better you leave it as it is and look for an agreeable person somewhere else. You’d get the best fun out of sexting when the two of you are down for it.



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