An Average Guy’s Guide To Having Period Sex

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Ewww. That’s probably what some of you are saying but the fact is that it is a growing trend that a lot of men seem to enjoy. For a lot of women too, the time they bleed is usually the time they are mostly aroused because their hormones are surging with all the excitement that comes with having sex which a lot of people see as taboo.
Even though a lot of men detest the thought of sleeping with their girls during her period, some guys don’t have a care in the world provided she’s ready to give in. Now let’s get to the real messy part.

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Before You See The Blood

First things first. Whether your relationship is monogamous or you’re someone that frequently engages in casual sex, a condom should come in handy for period sex always. A woman on her menstrual period has a higher chance of spreading sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and Hepatitis B. As such, wear a condom when her lower extremity is not friendly for entry.


The Cure For Cramps
Different forms of sexual contact and/or orgasms actually help to alleviate the pain of cramps. More so, the risk of pregnancy is low when she’s on her period.

See Her As Irresistible
Some men tend to feel disgusted and want to have nothing to do with their women when she’s leaking blood but thinking of how sexy you normally see her would do a lot to change whatever mindset you may have.

Fun Asides Sex

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If you’re both not thinking of penetrative sex, you can otherwise engage in other types of activities. She can give you a blowjob job while you find other means of helping her achieve orgasm.
You can try out some sensual games such as one person kissing while the other tries to hold back. You may also want to consider massaging her body with your hands, mouth and penis as the case maybe while keeping off her vagina.

Let Your Fantasies Come Into Play
Instead of wanting to have straight up sex, you can alternatively fantasise about what you both would like to do to each other next time. Mimic all you thought and talked about while you should ensure that you both have your clothes on while you grind your hard penis against her body.

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Going In Through The Back door
Be it anal or doggy style, the amount of blood she’d have coming out from there to stain you would be relatively small. All you may be concerned about is an area with significant wetness and some level of tightness. All you need to do is ensure that you put a dark towel beneath her to absorb whatever liquid might come out.

Time For Sex In The Shower
You might not want to have full blown sex, but you’d probably will by the time the both of you get so turned on. And of course, none of you wants to have the bedsheets stained. That’s where the bathroom comes in handy. Shower sex would be a clean and fun way to get busy without a concern for soiling.

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Watch What You Touch

She’s probably cranky and not be cool with you touching, fondling and kissing her all over her body. As such, the main thing to remember is that you should remain understanding. If she doesn’t want any sexual activity, simply put up with her.

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And that is it. A guide to having sex with her when she’s on her period which if you employ, you’d be glad you did.



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