An Average Guy’s Guide To Mind-Blowing Oral Sex

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Having what can be termed a satisfactory oral sex experience requires a lot of creativity. Some studies have shown that about 30 percent of women get to achieve orgasm through penetrative sex alone, indicating that a lot of creativity has to be employed during foreplay if you have any intention of giving your partner a pleasurable experience. This usually includes cunnilingus which a lot of men seem to have adopted as a part of their sex lives.

A publication in the journal of sexual medicine shows that 1 out of 5 men in a survey of 1,500 men don’t enjoy eating up their women. If you happen to be one of the men that hates oral sex, try out these four ways to have more fun.

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Use The Alphabets

Instead of using your whole mouth, you can practice using your tongue to write the alphabets. This helps to distract you and also provides you with information as to which alphabet makes her ecstatic the most. Research has shown that most women respond more to the H, J and X alphabets.

However, if you are not able to get what really turns her on, you can always ask her to tell you. And when next you’re giving her oral sex, you can choose only the alphabets that get her closer to orgasm.

Never Rush It

It is important that you don’t rush your mouth and tongue right into her. Take a bit of time to kiss her lips while caressing her breasts. You can also run your fingers all around her body. The essence of this is to get her body closer to orgasm , so that you spend very little time down her vagina area. right before the oral sex begins.

A research study conducted in the Netherlands found out that if you and your partner are sexually aroused, it stops you from feeling disgusted with the activity. There’s however nothing dirty about the human genitals if you spend between 10 to 20 minutes on the upper side which would sure remove the problem of being bothered with the oral activity.

Change Your Approach

When you consistently touch the clitoris, a lot of women get closer to orgasm. If you’re however concerned about the taste, then there won’t be much need for your tongue. You can instead blow warm breath over her clitoris to give her a similar experience followed by a light flick of your tongue in an up and down movement over her clitoris as opposed to the normal full licking.

Tweak Your Performance

It is essential you ditch the conventional bedroom performance for a little bit of wetness and wildness. Having oral sex in the shower can help to serve as a distraction from the oral activity and dilute the taste of her vagina. Hit the shower. Alternatively, you can also use a flavoured lubricant.


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