An Average Guy’s Guide To Meeting Her Parents

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Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to take that big step and meet the parents of your girlfriend. This shows you’re ready to solidify your relationship by making her parents and family finally put a face to the name. You should know that once you take this step, you can no longer be that anonymous guy.


It isn’t as simple as it seems given the fact that parents are usually protective of their female children and they want to be as comfortable as possible with you as a prospective future son in-law.
Moreover, your girlfriend is also nervous because she wants her parents to like you. This puts a lot of pressure on you especially but you have to prepare to be confident to face her parents.

First Impressions Matter
You’ve heard this a thousand times but it’s the truth. You never get a second opportunity to make a first impression. The first thing to do is to dress well as that would speak volumes about your personality. Look the best you can if you’re meeting them for the first time. A nice polo shirt and black pants or jeans should do.


More so, remember to bring gifts for her parents and family. It forms part of our culture as Africans to bring wine for the father and a nice Ankara material for the mother. You’re bound to warm your way into their hearts with this.
Try and know the customs of your girlfriend’s parents and do those things which will warm them to you. Smile and address them as appropriate.

Create Good Rapport
It is important you have a good rapport when you get to meet them. Act in a manner that suggests you’re glad to meet them because people tend to respond better to others that show genuine interest in their lives. Follow the lead of your girlfriend’s parents and talk about what interests them. Make the conversation as polite as possible, but ensure you avoid controversial discussions and anything that may set them off.


Furthermore, try and complement them about their house, the food or whatever else comes to mind. Ensure that the complement is sincere however to avoid it backfiring. Remember to say nice things about your girlfriend too as the complements would naturally go back to her parents.

Never show your nervousness as people tend to judge men by how much confidence they eschew. Even when it is apparent that her parents are sizing you up, don’t be intimidated. Be articulate and maintain eye contact with them. Looking nervous maybe misconstrued as having a skeleton in your cupboard.

Leave a Positive Lasting Impression

The way and manner in which you get to meet her parents for the first time can go a long way in determining what route your relationship will take. As such, it is important you leave them with positive thoughts of you. When you’re leaving their house, thank them for their time and hospitality. Tell them how happy and pleasurable it was for you to get to meet them. Once again, follow their lead. If her dad offers you a handshake, shake his hands with a bow.

Lastly, remember to call them later on. It is to express your appreciation. This will help you warm your way into their hearts in ways you can never fathom.



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