An Average Guy’s Guide To Making Cheap Suits Look Expensive

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Suits are pieces of clothing every man should ensure that they have in their closet. It doesn’t necessarily have to be very expensive if you’re to consider the your pocket and the necessity of having one for the different kinds of events that require them. The good thing however is that there are affordable suits which combine quality and good price. Despite this, it is not advisable to go and pick just any suit in the market as there are some salient points to note when getting one. That is exactly why we present to you 6 Ways you can make that your pocket friendly suit appear expensive.

The Fabric

The material from which suits are made are majorly the thing that makes suits expensive or cheap not the work put into the sewing. The more expensive the fabric is, the less the price of the labour.
Wool is usually the cheapest material for suits and can withstand long usage unlike polyesters. It is however important to check labels and determine if the fabrics are man made or synthetic as this can have an effect on the price.

Canvas (linen)

The canvas is what is used to line the insides of the suit jacket. In expensive suits, the linen material is mostly hand stitched while in somewhat cheap suits, they are glued which makes it difficult for them to stay attached to your body frame. The glued linen may also gather pockets of air which may make your jacket look puffy. You can otherwise go fo a half-canvassed jacket which is hand stitched around the chest and glued towards the lower frame.

Colour Of The Suit

It is safe to not experiment with colours especially when you can only afford a cheap suit. Using very bright colours would draw people’s attention to you. You may not want this if you’re spending so little on your suit. Dark hue colours such as charcoal black or navy blue makes it difficult for people to identify a cheap suit and it’s flaws. This theory can also be applied to shape of the suit as a double-breasted suit requires a bigger outlay in fabric as opposed to other types of suits.

Make It Fit

If you don’t have the money to buy a bespoke suit, you can at least get one that fits you well.
The most important part about fitting is the shoulders. Ensure that you try out the shirt you’d normally wear with the jacket, to be sure that the seams of the shirt sleeves sirs against your wrist and the shoulder fabric appears flat around your neck.

Get Some Muscles

This may sound vain but the way a suit sits on your body frame is much more important than its cost. As such, if you can’t get a tailor-made suit, you may want to consider picking up some muscles. This will help to accentuate the suit on your body frame.

Dress Up The Suit

dress up
When you don’t have much money to spend on suits, it’s ideal to make best use of the funds you invest in them. It is important to get good accessories that will complement the outfit. This includes a good shirt, tie and pocket squares.



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