An Average Guy’s Guide To Intuitively Knowing She’s Cheating On You

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These are really weird ways your mind tells you that she’s cheating on you. It’s not just chicks that have intuition. Guys do too but it’s very erm… odd.

Here’s how you can tell she is cheating on you going by your intuition alone.

More Oral Sex
This seems absurd, doesn’t it? But the fact is asides humans, certain other animals such as orangutans and fruit bats also perform oral sex perhaps as a means of detecting if their partners are cheating on them. Huh? Bear with me, because this is nuts: According to Dr Michael Pham, an evolutionary psychologist at Oakland University, it is part of the instincts men retained despite evolution as a means of detecting a cheating partner. So when you crave giving her more head, she probably cheated.

Does This Prove She’s Cheating?
Definitely not! This doesn’t prove she’s cheating on you in any way. It may however be a sign you are instinctively feeling there’s a bit of competition from semen of other men down there. It’s either that or you just have a mad love for oral sex.

Other researches also found some absurd ways in which a women may subtly show they are cheating.

Deeper Sex
A research conducted at the Florida Atlantic University found that when men subconsciously believe that their women are cheating, they are more likely to perform deeper and wilder sex with their partners. The researchers believe that this subconscious action is meant to remove any other man’s semen that may be present in their partners.

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Her Personality
Women that are clever, more open and outgoing are more likely to cheat according to a study published in the journal of Personality and Individual Differences. These personality traits are deemed to be the major attractions to a sizable number of men. As such, if you’re dating a woman with these personality traits, she has the tendency to be a cheater.

She Moves Around Quite A Bit
When a woman literally walks about a lot, she just may be cheating on you. Researchers at University of California, Los Angeles found that women who were at the ovulation period of their menstrual cycle and those that are actively in need of new partners tend to walk around a lot. The researchers used step counters and they came to the conclusion that increase in mobility tends to also increase the number of men a woman is likely to meet. It may however also mean that she likes walking, or what do you think?

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