An Average Guy’s Guide To Handling The Morning After

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Congrats! You’ve succeeded in wining and dining with her and getting a part of her honey pot which she enjoyed as much as you did. You’ve done a pretty good job so far, but it’s not time to rest yet. You’ve still got some job to do the morning after you bed that special woman you’ve had your eyes on.
The moment you get up the morning after that wonderful sexual romp, there are still a few things you should learn to do before we can consider you as a champion and you can be inducted into the “Mattress God Hall of Fame” . Use this guide and achieve the god-like status.


Remain In Bed
Alright. Now you’re done with the wonderful night of sex and the rays of sunlight are creeping into your bedroom. It’s quite understandable that you probably have work to go to or something important to do but this is not an excuse for you to jump out of bed the second sunlight streams in.

When you leave your bed quickly the next morning, the woman you’re with is likely to think that you just want to quickly get away from her or you have regrets about the sex you had with her the previous night. Spend between 5 to 10 minutes cuddling her in the morning before dashing out of bed to reassure her that she’s nothing like a sex toy (even if she is). It shows you care and the both of you would be happy for it.

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Get Your Next Date On Lockdown
No matter how much you treat her nice to outings and tell her how much you care, she’s still likely to worry about how much you care about her especially if you’ve had a taste of her honey pot. As such, instead of telling her you’d call her late, you can simply tell her a specific date and time you’d love to see her again. Women tend to feel vulnerable after sex and need to be assured that all that happened wasn’t just a fling. Tell her when you’d see her to make her feel at ease.


Give Her A Sensuous Time
Chances are your hormones will be at full blast in the early hours of the morning but she may not be up for that much sexual action in the morning. The best way to create a balance is to find a way that will make her feel sexy without appearing to want to have more sex. You can suggest that both of you take your bath together or offer to give her a massage. These things send a sensual message across to her that you want to give her a lot of attention without needing sex and that her nude body triggers affection in you. Oh, and I have to remind you that a shower or massage is bound to keep your girl buck naked much longer which might be what you want then, or don’t you think?


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Give Her A Kiss To Remember
Giving her that wet, sensual kiss will make you stay on her mind till the next time you plan to have that wonderful experience again. Right before she walks out of the door, give her a deep and passionate kiss that will leave her wanting and needing more of it. Doing this will make her feel you’re deeply attracted to her and you want something deeper than the normal.



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