An Average Guy’s Guide To Finding The G-spot

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The G-spot has been one of the most talked about things since the time German researcher, Grafenburg discovered one of the most sensitive areas that constitutes the female anatomy. Word out there however is that there is not much proof that shows that every woman has a G-spot but there is evidence that there is a specific area inside the vagina of a lot of women which when stimulated can help your woman have explosive orgasms.


You’re probably one out of the millions of guys out there who don’t know where the G-spot is and this is why 360nobs is here to guide you.

Commencing The Search
First ensure that your hands are clean and you have well trimmed fingernails because that is going to be the most effective tool in finding the G-spot.
Put your foreplay game on fleek by kissing and caressing her lips, boobs, butt and other hot spots that lie all around her body. The soft spot you seek is made up of tissues which increase in size when they are aroused. That is why it will be much easier for you to discover it when she’s well stimulated. Vagina lubricants may also come in handy if she’s having problems getting wet.

The Place You Seek
The exact location is a problem but experts say it lies about 2 inches inside the top wall of the vagina. Simply get your partner to lie down on her back while you insert your finger with your palm facing you into her vagina. The side your finger touches when you make a “come towards me” movement with your finger is the spot you seek.


The Orgasm Plan

It would be foolish for you to just jab your finger straight into her vagina. Go in slowly and softly and avoid thrusting vigorously to give her the time of her life. Once she’s comfortable with your finger inside her, proceed to use the curling finger motion to massage the top of her vagina. If your finger touches something rough, congrats! , you’re in the right track. Tell her to lift her knees as back towards her chest. This will give you better access and her, an intense orgasm if experience.
Watch and listen to be sure she’s enjoying your rhythmic stroke and which area she feels pleasured the most. Try different speeds and pressure to get the one that best suits her. Don’t ignore the clitoris at this point. It will help the process. In fact, some argue that the g-spot is an extension of a fully aroused clitoris.


The Extras

When you’re certain she’s experiencing the pleasurable experience from the G-spot stimulation, it’s time to add some extras. Using your free hand, gently press down between her belly and her pubic area. This subtle pressure can help to stimulate her G-spot more and make her orgasm more intense.

You can also consider using your finger from behind to stimulate her. This one is however for pros who have mastered the steps above. Get her to be on her fours (doggystyle) with are butt slightly raised higher. Insert your finger with your palm facing downwards to rub the front of her vagina. She will scream and moan with pleasure if you do this right.

And lastly, if you’re sure of your D game, dive in there and stroke her to orgasm.



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