An Average Guy’s Guide To Dating A Rich Girl

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We all want that rich girl that has a bit extra cash to throw around. I’ve dated a few and I can tell you that it could be easy or difficult depending on what side of the divide you are. It’s a weird mixture of crazy fetishes, insane arguments, terrible music and enticing explorations.

If you’re below their social class, the lifetime of bliss you picture may never come as they are genetically pre-disposed to breed among their own kind. Once you know you’re nothing more than a stopgap to be rebellious against their rich folks and society, you have a chance.

Where To Meet Them
Meeting the nouveau rich is all about timing. The best time is when the girls rebel against their fathers. First step is to know the places they frequent, which includes top bars, clubs and restaurants.

Winning Them
There’s very little you can offer a rich girl if you’re an average guy. As such, it is important you flaunt your pedestrian lifestyle and make it seem like an alternative. She is bound to find it appealing. Look her straight in the eye and tell her money don’t mean much to you (even though you’re doing this because it does). Her rebellious nature will prove her to want to demystify you.

Meeting The Parents

If you’re lucky enough for her to accept to date you, you’d probably get to the “meeting the parents” phase.

The Mother
She understands everything you are and what you want with her daughter. She sees it mostly as a phase and may even tell the both of you of the time she dated someone that was just like you before she met her . This may be a way of telling you its just a phase or that you need to man up for the upcoming challenges.


The Father
Fathers are usually worse as they are sceptical of everyone. He sees through your bullshit and doesn’t think you have any good intention except to get as much as you can from the family. He may end up warming up to you if you ever get lucky.

Her Friends
You’d basically look like a gold digger to her friends. But not to worry, they’re probably interested in living the life you’re having with her. Some might even be interested in having a sexual romp with you and your friends might be lucky to have their way with some of her friends.


The Sex
She probably lost her virginity to a scumbag which makes their thought process regarding sex a bit skewed. As such, you may be getting weird sexual requests ranging from threesomes, voyeurism to sadomasochism. If it ever gets to this, you may have to pretend you’re enjoying it. But not to worry, you might not get to this unless you hold down the relationship for long.

The Ruin
Yes, it’s probably going to ruin you. You’d live above your income to satisfy and roll with her. You might not quit school/ your job, but you’d be spending so little time at your job or school that it will probably leave you behind.

The End
You knew you’d probably breakup with her someday but you don’t want to let go of it. You’d do all you can to convince her to stay but it will never be enough. Their type don’t care much about how you feel. It’s time to date someone a little more in your league.




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