An Average Guy’s Guide To Having Car Sex

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Listen up guys. This article is going to be a smooth ride deficient of bumps which of course is what you want having car sex to be like. A lot of considerations have to be put into the kind of car you drive, if you have any hope of adopting a specific sex style to fit your car make. Car sex can be epic. Follow this guide and have the most amazing car sex fit only for fantasies.

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Road Laws
The first thing to consider here is safe sex. You definitely don’t want to be involved in a car crash or having loads of onlookers. As such, park the car and turn off the engine.

The best thing to do is to find a quiet and dark place where movement will be limited. The best time for this should be late at night or very early in the morning. Now that safety is assured, let’s go to the fun part.

AC Tease
You can have some real fun by putting the air conditioning system of the car on full blast for a couple of minutes before turning the heating system right up. Doing this brings a surprise element into the fun while also increasing the the intensity and sensitivity of you and your partner’s skin to the lovemaking process.

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Roof Off
Thinking of taking the fun a bit higher? Consider sitting in the passenger’s seat while your girl climbs on top of you with her facing you. If your car has an open top roof, this will mean your girl’s head will be raised high above the roof. That way, you can easily give her cunnilingus while she can easily remove her underwear for easy accessibility. Moreover, she can give you the ride of your life in that position.

Ride On
You can consider reclining the passenger seat all the way back so your girl can get into the cowgirl position. You can hold on to the headrest for more grip while she gives you a ride to remember.

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The Quick And The Fast
Have your partner kneel on the reclined passenger seat, facing the backseat of the car while you kneel or crouch on the seat for some unforgettable doggie-styled sex.

Cowgirl reversed Twice
This one is better done in the driver’s seat. Get the seat reclined as far as it can go while both you and your partner seat with your face looking towards the car steering. Have her grab the steering wheel to help rock your body better.

Mirror Mirror On The Car
Get the mirrors positioned towards you so you can both see the intensity of the action.

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Spoon Sex Time
The best back seat sex position is the spoon style. The missionary style is too cluttered for the space available. Move Move the front seats forward and as far as they can go while upright. Lie on your side across the backseat while you have your partner lie in front of you with her back pressed against your chest.

Music Rocks
Music as we know it can do a lot to make sex more entertaining. Car sex is no exception. Because of the small space saloon cars are made up, any music played will be amplified better which can charge your emotions, sensations and responses to your partner. Music can also help to mask your moans and groans while also providing different music tempos which you can move to.

Roll Up Steam

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Consider rolling the car windows up so you can have some steam on them from the heat produced from your lovemaking. Remember Jack and Rose from Titanic?

Out Of The Car
If you’re positive that no one will see you around the area, you can consider some form of outside car sex. Try some doggie-style sex on the bonnet. Have your partner bend over at the waist with her hand rested on the bonnet while you enter her from behind.

Young Couple Macking on Car Trunk --- Image by © Heide Benser/Corbis



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