Arsene Wenger Reveals Love For Bob Marley

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Arsene Wenger loves Bob Marley

Reggae legend Bob Marley has inspired millions of people with his music, and one of them is Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Arsene Wenger loves Bob Marley
Arsene Wenger loves Bob Marley

Wenger revealed in an interview with Le Parisien that he had loved Marley all his life, and listened to him whenever he was driving.

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“Yes, I love his music and the man that he was,” Wenger said in the interview. “He was not fabricated. He was real.

“I love people who do not have conventional paths and who stand out because of their talent. Raymond Devos and Pierre Desproges are also some of my favourite comedians.”

Wenger also revealed that he had a good sense of humor, which often came in handy in his line of work.

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“It is true. It is an aspect of my personality that people do not know about,” he said. “With my job, I am often stressed so I might appear a bit like a constipated person but I like to laugh when I am with my friends and to let my humorous side run free, something that I obviously cannot do in front of the media.

“You know that you can quickly cause irreparable damage when you have my job. I am more interested in controlling that.”



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