Abby’s Diary #4 By Fiksionist

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Dear Diary,

It’s been 6 weeks, 8 hours and 10 minutes since I heard from Tayo and yes, I have been counting.

I stare at my phone, willing it to ring but it doesn’t. I even prayed about it but he hasn’t still called. Sigh. It’s not like I didn’t  call him but he refused to answer my calls, I have used other numbers to call him but he  still didn’t  pick any of the calls. I called his friends and asked about him but they all said he is so busy and they hardly see him. Do you know he even deleted my contact from BBM and blocked me on Facebook and Twitter? All our pictures on Instagram, he has deleted too. I actually went to see Ogama’s friend at the club, you know, the Shade girl that saw him with this chick and she described the b****. I actually know her; she works in his office and was an intern before being retained as a full staff. I had seen her picture with him but it didn’t seem serious. I can’t exactly remember her name but I clearly remember she has northern features and is extremely beautiful. I remember I felt a little jealous because she seemed so all up in his his face but he had reassured me that it was nothing and that she was engaged to some northern guy abroad. Those were his words not mine, so where and when did it all go wrong? When did he fall out of love? Were there signs i overlooked? Yes, I admit I’ve added a little weight…okay, I agree, I am actually getting fat but I am genetically chubby but not fat sha. Is that why? Could that be it?

“We are having a meeting in 5 minutes Abigail. Chop, chop!” Queen B snapped her fingers and walked away. Seriously, I pray I don’t choke that girl  to death one of these days. Mtcheew! (that is me hissing)

I get into the board room and it’s freaking cold. I get the remote control and try to turn off the AC but immediately,Queen B rushes in front of me and snatches the remote. “My meeting, my rules,  Abigail. Find a place and sit down, the weather is too hot to banter words with you.”

WHAAAAAATTTTT???????????????? Did she just do that? Someone should hold me!

“Zara turn off that AC and start the meeting.” Mr. Vincent walked into the room with Ginika, his assistant and some other guys from Graphics and Copy.

I almost start dancing to ‘I like to move it, move it’ ‘cause its playing in my head and I can swear she can see the tiny devils on my shoulders doing the victory dance on my behalf. Her face is as red as rotten tomatoes! Choi!Pained!
We settle into the meeting and Queen B rattles on and on about incredulous plans for the project.Arrgghhhh! I wonder who told her these ideas make any sense at all.

“What do you think?”

“How does that count Mr.Vincent? I heard Zara say.

I notice that the room is silent and everyone is staring at me.

“Me Sir?”

“Yes you, Abigail. What do you think?”

“Well, the whole idea is to project Lagos, bringing it to the fore and telling a story of a big city by highlighting its amazing qualities practically. For example, we have beautiful water fronts in Lagos, that is, beaches and all of that. We can also partner with the Entertainment Industry to make a documentary out of the history of Lagos and put it up in cinemas so that children and the world will get to know where we are coming from as a people and where we are going.”

“Wow. Abigail I like that!” Mr. Vincent said, he turned to the copywriter present and told him to think up a script for that. Ideas went back and forth until the meeting ended.

I walked out of the room with Ginika  gisting me about the new love birds in IT department.

“You won’t believe that Oga even knows about them.”

“My dear, the heart wants what the heart wants. Let them enjoy it or is against the rule? Isn’t he worse?”

Ginika laughed and looked at me seriously. “That Zara is just a b****. You won’t believe I heard her tell Mr.Vincent to fire you because you seem a little lost these days.”

Not again. “She should allow my matter rest now.”

“Don’t worry. With the kind of insight you gave in that meeting, Mr.Vincent will not heed to her. But are you okay? You look worn out.” She looked at me like I had a placard on my forehead that will reveal my worries. Because I am not one to talk about my personal relationships at work, I tell her I’m fine and that I still have some work to do on some other project.

When I got into my office, I looked into my hand mirror and all I could see were sunken eyes and terrible make up. I have to let Tayo go and pick up the pieces of what’s left. The thought alone of letting go makes my heart feel heavy because I may let go but what do I do with memories we have shared for so long? Well, maybe it’s time to throw it in the trash can like he did my heart. I got to chop some liver to get over this.
By the time I finished mapping out a mental plan on how to eliminate and extinguish Tayo from my head, I get a text message from Queen B.

I’m sorry about my behaviour earlier. Can we start all over?

I read the message four times and checked the phone number over and over again to be sure before replying.

What do you want Zara?



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