Abby’s Diary #3 By Fiksionist

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Dear Diary,

Some guys are royally stupid. As in, they deserve to wear the crown for stupidity. I am so pissed and so mad at Tayo but I am taking my time to count 1 to 10 so that I don’t explode. Should I go or should I stay? The words run through my mind like a merry-go-round while I made Chicken Curry for Tayo. I chopped the chicken in smaller chunks because that’s the way he liked it and then a tiny voice told me to add garlic to get back at him but the tiny voice of sanity told me not to. Tayo reacted to garlic and if I did that, I would not get to the bottom of this matter.

Now let me break down the bottom of the ‘matter ‘ to you.

Would you believe that when I walked into Tayo’s house I saw the latest Ps4 console in his sitting room? Wait!Just wait before you ask me ‘is it your money?’ This console is worth about  N125,000 and he bought it. Just last week we had argued about our future plans and blah blah blah when this guy told me to my face that he was broke and couldn’t afford coming to see my family! Eight freaking years! I thought about the garlic again and the saint in me was crawling and begging me to take a few chill pills to control myself.

I was about washing the rice when he walked into the kitchen to get a can of beer. He had been cold towards me since I arrived but I guessed he sensed that I was upset too.

“You said you had something to tell me when you called but you have been silent since you came. What’s up?”

Breathe in, breathe out. “Nothing”

“Okay o. Don’t say I didn’t ask. Anyway, I hope when you are ready to talk wouldn’t be too late. My friends are coming over so you can just add small rice.”

He gave me a peck and was about leaving when I pulled him back. I just needed to know the truth.

“Abigail I don’t want to fight and im not in the mood for an argument so please, I dey beg, don’t start one.”  His brows furrowed and he avoided my eyes.

Breathe in breathe out. “I don’t want to fight but you seriously bought that game? After we had argued about it and you said you wouldn’t?”

He pulled away from me and sighed as though I had just reminded him of his problems. “I  never told you I wouldn’t get it. Plus its my money Abigail not yours. You really have to stop this nagging ’cause it’s driving me crazy. I don’t get why this is an issue.“

“Is that what you have to say Tayo Adegun? Is that what you will say?”

“ Yes. That is what I have to say.”

He walked out of the kitchen and I was hot on his heels.“We will have this conversation Tayo!”

He spun around and I could see his eyes blazing with fury. I knew I had gone past my limit but I just couldn’t stop now.

“Conversation about what Abigail?” About how I spend my money or about the fact that I refused to see your family?”

“Tayo!” I held my chest as though it will fall out if I took more of his words. What did he just say?

“Yes Abigail! I said it. Don’t walk around the house moping ‘cause I refused to-“
“Are you cheating on me?”  I saw something in his eyes but it disappeared as fast as I saw it.


“Are you cheating on me Tayo?”  he said nothing and the silence and tension in the room gradually ripped my heart in tiny pieces. Rage filled me, boiling rage that I carried around inside me throughout the day made me rush towards him, slapping and hitting, scratching and screaming words I can’t remember until his strong hands pressed my wrists together.
“It won’t work between us Abigail and you have to face it, damn it! I’m not interested in this thing anymore! You nag me like you are my mother and just freaking add weight! I just can’t deal with this anymore!”

My legs weakened and I felt hot tears rolling down my cheeks when I knelt in front of him. “Tayo I left Port-Harcourt to Lagos…I left and came to Lagos to make this thing work. “ I said amidst sobs.

“But it’s not working Abigail and you didn’t leave PH for me; you left because your mother told you to leave her house and you decided to come here to get a job. Don’t put that on me”
He settled into the couch with his can of beer.  The only sound I could hear was the wall clock ticking and it reminded me ironically of how time made and destroyed everything.

“Who is she?” My voice sounded croaky and I cleared it because I thought he didn’t hear me. “Who is she?”

“I heard you the first time Abigail. She is just a friend”

“But that’s not what Ogama saw when your she-friend was grinding all up on your  kini

“Ogama? So you now believe in gossips abi?” He laughed mirthlessly

I knew I had broken the unwritten friendship code about never mentioning names but i had no choice. I wanted him to know I knew what he was up to.

“You know what Tayo, screw you!” I got up, picked up my purse and stormed out of his house.  The damned tears refused to stop and I called Ogama.

“Babe are you home? I am in Bode Thomas…Tayos’”

“Take it easy babe. I can barely hear you.Are you crying?I’m with Julius. We’d come pick you up”

“Just come please”

My heart was hurting so bad. Did I over-react?



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