A Nigerian Man Tried To Preach On A London Bus and Got Shut Down (VIDEO)

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If you live in a major Nigerian metropolitan city, especially Lagos, you have probably been a victim of bus preaching-  a random man or woman that gets up and dishes the word during your journey, making every passenger a compulsory member of a quick congregation.

A Nigerian man in London tried to expand the idea into the English capital. Unfortunately for him, it seems no one has told him that such religious freedom(?) does not exist in the Western world as the passengers shouted him down.

The short 15 second clip ended with a woman screaming at him to get off the bus.

With the white man’s yammering on freedom of speech, do you feel this is hypocritical? Or do you believe the man had no right to.



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  1. There is freedom of speech and freedom to choose. In this setting he is disturbing those who are not interested and they can not get down of a moving bus because of his preaching, i think he should preach to individual and not disturbing people. After all jesus didn’t shout on street corners, he even warned his disciples in Matthew 6: 1-7 not to do what this man is doing.

    1. Oh thank you very much, I just feel like getting off the bus when this people start preaching but the conductor will not refund you. It hard sometimes you just want to think or make plans before getting to your bustop then you hear them speaking on top of their voice like it by force they should preach.

  2. I had an experience of a woman whose purse containing her house and shop keys got snatched through the bus window, as she was sitting by the window side. She was in tears saying she didn’t have any money to get to her final destination. One old man who looked like an ex-drunk (not judging) got up and began praying that the snatcher will be arrested and he will repent and change his ways. No one offered this woman any money. Except me, which I had done before he even began preaching. In a bus containing 25 people, If everyone had contributed at least N20, she would have N500. They were waiting for God to do the work they could easily do. Most so-called christians don’t understand “LOVE”….. I don’t want them preaching on buses.

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