Women’s Sex Wednesday: 5 Crazy Things That Just May Guarantee You Sex Tonight

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Irrespective of the way you run your relationship, there are certain things that if done might help you get some sex from your partner. And no, we are not talking about rape or drug induced stuff that might land you in jail. We are talking about subtle and convincing ways that can make your partner give into your advances for physical action. Chances are you may be having doubts as to how to go about letting your partner know you want sex without being too pushy. Don’t worry too much. Take the following five crazy things into consideration and you may just be on the road to convincing your partner to roll in bed with you.

Long Held Eye Contact

Eye contact is an important power move that shows confidence and a willingness to take charge of things. If you find someone you’re in in maintaining eye contact with you, it points to a need for a more personal connection. If the eye contact also comes with winks and a playful look, it makes your chances even better. Humans would most likely show their interest in the opposite sex by being seductive. And when this happens, sex may just be around the corner.

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Flirt Playfully
If you’re out on a date with your intended partner, you may want to take note of certain things. Are they comfortable touching your arm, shoulder or thighs when you say something funny? Or do they stand very close to you that you can almost feel their breath? This is a good sign that should encourage you to flirt with them. When someone is comfortable enough to lean close and whisper into your ears, return the favour without being too pushy as it’s an indication that they may want more intimacy later on.

You Maintain Good Conversation

If you’re looking towards some kinky fun in the bedroom later on, pauses and rigid conversations won’t do much good. If you however have a smooth inspiring conversation that helps the both of you connect in a romantic manner, you just may get the physical connection later on. Add a little bit of humour and pleasantness to it, and they would feel the urge to get closer to you.

Conversations Become Very Intimate

The moment they start getting personal with the conversation, they you’re probably in to something. When they start letting you in or personal information, especially those related to their sexual life, chances are your partner wants to open up to you in a way that will make you happy. Emotional conversations will most times lead on to more erotic topics that may signal a sexual romp.

They Come Over To Spend Time At Your Place

After going out on a date, it’s quite easy for them to back out of following you home. There’s a million and one reasons not not but if they do decide to accept your invitation to spend time with you in your house, it shows they are comfortable with you and wouldn’t mind spending with you alone. And of course, they may not mind a bit of sexual activity that may come along with it.

These signs are critical signs that you can look out for in the person you’re dating. It is however important to note that any measure of force or coercion should be avoided as it may land you in trouble. Play it safe and enjoy.

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