Women Being Hunted by Police For Sexual Harassment After Twerking On A Man Forcefully

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The police in Washington DC is on the lookout for two women for sexual harassment of a man at a gas station, over non-consensual twerking.

A video (which has since been taken down) was released by D.C. Metropolitan Police to see if the public could help identify the suspects. The video shows the man in a store talking on a cellphone while the two women harass him continuously, pushing out their butts at him.

twerking sexual harassment twerking sexual harassment

The first woman back herself up to the man and twerk on him. When he moves away, her friend begins to harass and touch him, trying to grab his phone and reaching towards his pockets. The man repeatedly tries to move away but the second woman keeps trying to get near him, putting her arm around his waist and her face close to his.



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