Woman Claims Michael Jackson’s Ghost Impregnated Her,Sues His Estate For Child Support

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A  strange woman has laid claims that her mixed race baby was fathered by Michael Jackson’s ghost and she is now suing his estate for child support.

According to Now8News, Kiera Johnson said that she was watching the 2-hour Michael Jackson 30 Year Anniversary Special on DVD.
When she got to MJ’s performance of Thriller, however, her eyes grew heavy and she found herself dozing off.

The 32-year-old explained:

“All of a sudden, I was awakened by a hand caressing my face. But I was home alone; my husband was at work.“The next thing you know, I’m having this erotic encounter with Michael Jackson. But it wasn’t the white Michael Jackson, he was black, and dressed like he was straight out of the Thriller video. “I told him to stop, but he would listen.”

Kiera dismissed the  encounter’ with Michael Jackson as nothing more than a strange dream.
However, on 25th September 2015, she and her husband – also white – welcomed their third child together.

“Everything was going well with the birth,” said her husband Ken.“But then when I saw my son, and he was black, I said ‘What the hell is this!’ I was in absolute shock. That’s when Kiera told me about her terrifying dream.

“I think it’s wrong what happened and that’s why we are suing Michael Jackson’s estate. We just want a decent amount of child support to help raise his son.”

Kiera insists she has never cheated on her husband Ken with anybody of any race. And Ken, who dubs Kiera as his “queen”, says he trusts and believes her completely.

The Johnsons say they are willing to accept an out-of-court negotiation and are giving the Jackson family until 1st January 2016 to respond.

The Jackson family have yet to respond publicly to the allegations but that’s the strangest report we have heard and if I were a member of the Jackson family, I would rather not respond to such allegations.









Source: MPN

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  1. Bitch knows she slept with a black man michael Jackson’s ghost getting her pregnat that’s outrageous she needs to come.ckean and stop making herself look.stupid than what she already is and her husband he gotta know the truth dumb ass

    1. I only know of jesus Christ born with miracles,maybe michael joined the Angels crew..lady tell your husband you cheated with a black man

  2. Lmmfao wat the hell !! R uu serious this bitch know dam well she cheated on her husband with a black man people have no life I sware

  3. Why is it ,that some white people are very shameless ?. A man to come to Internet, and start saying things no one can believe it in this world. Hey mr lazy man who want to rip where he did not sowed , check if any black man had dated your so called wife in the past, It is obvious that your so called wife want keep the memory of her old lover .

  4. When the wise man told us “You can not trust a mortal man”, you have ignored the wise counsel and dubbed it fairy tale. We reap what we sow!

  5. Michael Jackson was a great man. So great that a cheating woman would just wake up one day to announce that she was impregnated by his ghost. Her husband is even more stupid to swallow the story. They both need medical attention.

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