We All Need Darkness to See the Light – #TheHustlePlaylist

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We All Need Darkness to See the Light - #TheHustlePlaylist


After skipping some weeks I’m back but not sure if I can stay for long though since the darkness is taking too long to subside plus Mr. Chibuzor on the other hand is always somewhere waiting for results/productivity… Yeah I get, no one wants his/her business to crumble but putting too much heat on your employees might make things worse i.e; growth comes when the team is happy not when the ‘boss’ is happy.

Writing this might cost me a lot but hey! Just like Mr. Chibuzor on the 16th of October 2015, “I don’t give a fuck… (Remaining words are kept with those who were inside the office when he said that)”. It’s funny how I almost hit my head on the wall when he told me that. Left the Island really pissed and frustrated, throughout the journey it was me, myself and my Game Playlist.

Got to DS building, delivered the message I was sent there for.

Like always I can’t meet with ‘The Music Man’ and not have a little chat na. We spoke for a while and things were still not so cool inside my head till he said “don’t worry, things will get better”… God was even moved with the statement that he had to send his angel to bless my soul with calmness. And the rage of wanting to smack anyone who will talk shit at my face again that day just left.

Once again I became the free spirit that rocks, the young man with a dream and the twenty something year man whose mind is way older. I became more focus and decided to see and feel positive energies so I don’t become a victim of Olamide’s V.O.T.S line i.e; “Negative energy yin lo ma pa yin be cancer.

For those (Carterson, Uche and the rest of my unique readers) who buzz me on a steady about #TheHustlePlaylist, abeg make una no vex ehn, no be my fault say I no dey fit write every Monday as I talk say I go dey write, na because the hustle done real pass as person bin dey reason am before. I appreciate you guys a lot. God Bless Y’all.

Wait… I think I went too deep though; no I didn’t… because I feel relieved after typing those words and more energized after listening to Ascension by Mac Miller, I Will Rise by Shayne (feat. Brymo & Vina) and Monkey by M.I Abaga (feat. ChiGurl)… Kindly pay attention to every single verse in these songs (Ascension by Mac Miller that won’t be shared on here though) especially the 3rd verse of Monkey by M.I Abaga (feat. ChiGurl).

Have a blessed week ahead!

  1. I Will Rise (feat Brymo & Vina) Shayne 3:40
  2. Monkey (feat. Chi Gurl) M.I. Abaga 4:14

  DOWNLOAD: Shayne - I Will Rise (feat Brymo & Vina) (6.5 MiB, 444 hits)

  DOWNLOAD: M.I Abaga - Monkey (feat. Chi Gurl) (5.1 MiB, 480 hits)



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Oghene Michael

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