What Your Vaginal Discharge Says About Your Health

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Women battle with a lot of things daily which may range from their menstrual cycle, to taking care of their kids and juggling between their careers and the home front. As a result, not a lot of women would give their vaginal discharge much importance in the scheme of things. And they may be right! Provided the colour and consistency of the discharge is clear or white and watery to slightly sticky. This colour and consistency shouldn’t be a cause for concern depending on when the discharge comes out during your menstrual cycle.

If you however feel that there’s something wrong going on down there in your undies, especially the colour, smell or consistency, then it may be time to worry a bit. But before you panic and go to raid all the pharmacy stores for creams and drugs, read what your vagina discharge says about your health.

Bloody Discharge
This may occur as a result of a break through bleeding which mostly occurs when a woman starts using birth control pills. It comes about as a response to the new hormones being produced in her body and it is usually a dark red or brownish-colored discharge. Moreover, it can also be left over blood from the menstrual period that took long to leave the vagina. It can also be an indication of a serious condition such as a precancerous cervical lesion. Whatever the case may be, see a doctor as soon as possible.
Itchy, White, Clumpy Discharge
Itchy discharge is probably as a result of a yeast infection. This is usually caused by an overgrowth of the yeast (Fungi) that ought to help regulate the bacteria content of the vagina. This type of infection does not usually come with an odour but comes with severe itching of the pubic and labia region. It is probably the most common type of infection and it can be caused by an array of things including using lots of antibiotics, wearing damp underwear and washing with medicated soaps. Yeasts proliferate easily in the vagina region because of their love for warm and moist environment and the best treatment is an antifungal cream or drugs which eradicates the infection.

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Yellowish-Green Discharge With A Biting Feeling
This type of discharge is most likely due to Bacteria infection such as Chlamydia or gonorrhea. This infection may be accompanied by a burning sensation when urinating or pelvic pain. Most women however show no sign of infection. It is usually diagnosed by laboratory tests. Once diagnosed, the infection can be cured by broad spectrum antibiotics. The catch however is that both partners need to get cured off the bacteria infection to prevent continuous passage of the disease.

White, Wet, and Stretchy Discharge
Any discharge of this colour and consistency is probably related to your ovulation period which usually appears in the middle of your menstrual cycle. The discharge is a natural response of your body to making fertilisation easy. It makes it easy for the sperm to swim towards the egg and lots of women have said they prefer sex doing this time because of the pleasurable experience felt doing that time.

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Grayish, Thin Discharge With Strong Odour
This may be attributed to Bacterial Vaginosis. It usually has a distinct foul fish-like smelling odour. Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most commonest vagina infection in women and it can easily be cured when it is diagnosed and the appropriate drugs are prescribed by your doctor. A development of Bacteria vaginosis indicates that their is an upset in the balance of bacteria content of the vagina.

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Gray Or Greenish Frothy Discharge With Unpleasant Odour
This is likely a sexually transmitted disease known as Trichomoniasis. However, this disease can be contacted without sexual intercourse and it is caused by Trichomonas vaginalis- an organism that can survive on inanimate objects including towels. More so, a lot of men and women don’t show symptoms and not treating it can make you more susceptible to HIV infection. It can however be treated quickly.



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