Trending Right Now: #CBNMadness – New Bank Mistakenly Pays N45Million Into An Individual’s Account & They Want Their Money Back

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The hashtag is #CBNMadness according to social media buzzers, Twitter is as mysterious as every other trend you find there, But we have the scoop.

Well the gist according to tweethearts is that a new generation bank mistakenly paid N45Million into a normal Nigerian’s account, by ‘normal’ I mean struggling to survive: and the individual withdrew the money. Now the bank has reported this lucky fellow to CBN and they want their money back.

The problem is the individual whose identity is yet to be disclosed is refusing to return the money. This birthed the hashtag #CBNMadness!! Lots of people think Central Bank of Nigeria should not tell the individual who woke up to manna from heaven to give the manna back.

Also Nigerians on twitter are using the #CBNMadness trend to talk about the news of the three rice ships originally set for Nigeria being diverted to Cotonou and other neighboring countries due to Nigerian government’s refusal to sign the Form M for rice importers . The citizens believe the foremost financial institution should not  for encourage the ploy while Nigerians are hungry and buying rice at exorbitant prices. At this rate, there probably won’t be rice for the poor masses this christmas as it would be for those who can afford it.

Fuel hike, rice diversion, refusal of CBN governor to approve valid forex form are all reasons this trend rose so fast. President Buhari is taking most of the brunt of mouth-lash. Well, we are watching, and trending. At the least the international world can hear and see and read our plight.

Quick question Nobbers, If you woke up to a N45Million alert in your account and managed to successfully withdraw the cash, would you give it back to the bank? I  don’t know what I’d do yet. I’d probably be in Turks and Cacos by now. I’d send myself on a N45Million worth of exile and seek asylum in the glistening waters of Burj al Arab’s ocean pool and will take along with me only those willing to serve time beside me if I get arrested.

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