In Toraja, Indonesia, We Keep Our Dead Loved Ones Alive

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Welcome to Toraja in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. In this village, families of Toraja believe in welcoming the spirit of a dead person into the village of his or her origin.


This small community in Indonesia keeps their dead loved ones alive by exhuming their corpse, cleaning and re-adorning it before burying it all over again as a sign of respect.

A belief that has been ongoing for generations, they say it is done out of love, honor and respect, to show their dead loved ones that they aren’t forgotten even in death.

Family members patiently dig up the dead ones grave, wash their bodies or clean their bones (if the skin has been decayed), groom them by cleaning their nails or combing their hair and dressing them up in fancy clothes before taking them for a walk around the village for everyone to see and say hello to.

This act is done every three years. They also repair, fix or get new coffins for their dead loved ones if the one they were buried in has been damaged, broken or worn out.

This bizarre ritual which is practiced to honor ancestors and spirits of dead loved ones involves a ceremony of dolling up mummies and is called Ma’nen or The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses.

The exhuming of dead bodies doesn’t end with old people as even youths and babies are dug out too. They are dug out, cleaned up, dressed up, walked around the village in straight lines and buried again.

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