Three Weird Places You Can Have Pimples And How To Avoid Them

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Almost everyone has experienced the bad feeling of having your face covered up in pimples during the puberty stage. It took a lot of creams, lifestyle modifications and sometimes medications to get the fresh look back on the face. When the pimples however come up in weird places, they bring another new dimension to their removal. Because these pimples come up in weird places, they may sometimes be confused with boils. There are things you may be doing that is causing them to appear and that is why we bring to you the three weird places you can have pimples and how to prevent and nip them in the bud.

Pimples On Your Head
The process of formation of pimples on your head is relatively the same with the ones formed on the face and that is usually the blockage of the pores by oils produced from the sebaceous glands. The scalp tends to produce oils known as sebum which gets trapped in the pores resulting in pimples. Certain hair products such as hair serum and sprays are oily enough to cause a blockage of the pores and frequent washing of your hair is usually enough to prevent a buildup of sebum. More so, avoiding the use of hair products containing a lot of oils is essential in stopping the proliferation of pimples in your scalp. You may also want to consider using Anti-Dandruff shampoos which may or may not contain salicylic acid which helps to dissolve the oils.

Pimples In The Nose
Pimples formed in the nose are more common than we know and they are known as intranasal acne. When a hair follicle in the nose becomes swollen or irritated, an intranasal acne occurs. This can be triggered when you pull out hair strands in your nose which can irritate the hair follicle and in turn, become an entry point for bacteria that cause infection. More so, other things like inhaling dust particles may also trigger the formation of pimples in the nose. Hence, it is recommended that you wear nose masks in areas that you may encounter dusty particles. It is also essential that you try as much as possible to not shave the nostrils. Intranasal acne can be treated by using oral and topical antibiotics.

Pimples In The Ears
The human ear has a lot of sebaceous glands which secrete oil. This makes the ears a good and fertile ground for pimples to thrive, especially when oil from the sebaceous glands block the pores which result in acne. Dr. Eric Schweiger, a dermatologist says that the best way to prevent pimples in your ears is to “clean your ears out properly, especially after applying any sticky hairstyling products that can leave particles behind”. It is also highly beneficial to use cotton buds that have been presented in hydrogen peroxide to clean out the outer and inner ears.



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