Three Ways Your New Relationship Is Killing Your Finances (And How To Wriggle Out Of The Logjam)

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There’s a funny scenario a lot of men out there are facing today. You meet this wonderful girl you’ve fallen in love with. Your parents, family and friends like her, just like her people like you too. Everything seems good for the both of you and everyone expects you both to tie the knot sooner than later. There’s however one catch to it. You’ve not been able to save a kobo since you met her and your debts seem to be growing.

You know you can’t continue this way but you have no idea of determining if she’s with you for the money or not.

Well, I’m here to help…

The first thing is to determine how you got yourself into this situation and how you can wriggle out of it. If you’re unsure, note the following points:

She Always Wants to Go Out
It’s Thank God It’s Friday. She wants you and her to go visit a lounge or club where you can meet up a few friends for drinks. It sounds fun but without much financial implications right? Nope. You’re Wrong.
Checkout the financial implications. Let’s break it down:

Fuel for your car 1000 Naira
Drinks for Two 5000 Naira
Meat Fish or any Appetizer 4000 Naira

For what looks like a harmless night out, you’ve spent about 10,000 Naira. If you do that 4 times in a month, you’ve got 40,000 Naira in a month or 480,000 Naira in a year. This is asides time out in the cinemas, money spent on gifts and the occasional fancy shopping.
The solution to this?

Be honest. Let her know what your budget can handle and she’d respect you for being honest and responsible with money. If she doesn’t, she’s not the girl for you. Also, be honest with yourself. Subtract 10 percent of your earnings for savings, remove all your expenses for the month (including utility bills and debt repayment) and what you have left is what you can spend on frivolities.
More so, you can limit the number of times you go out to once or twice a month. Or better still bring the fun to your house. Cooking the meals and having the fun at your place reduces your expenses by over 50 percent which is something you’re definitely looking forward to.

Amount Spent On Presents
Of course your girl is not an unreasonable girl. She’s like every other woman out there who just wants the occasional presents and gifts from her man. Seems fair doesn’t it? Too bad however, as a lot of us take it to the extreme. According to statistics released by the National Retail Federation, the average man will spend $103.00 (about 24,000 Naira) on Valentine’s Day gifts alone. The problem with this is that there are a lot of events all year round that requires you giving her a gift with costs ranging between 10,000 to 15,000 Naira. For instance,

Birthday 10,000 Naira
Christmas 10,000 Naira
Relationship Anniversary 10,000 Naira
Add all this to the valentine cost and you have about 50,000 Naira a year. This is without the occasional surprise gifts which shores it up further.
The best way around this is to have a present limit for her each year.

Romantic Getaways
OK. Everyone loves a romantic getaway from the everyday stress they face. But how much hole is it drilling in your pocket? Truth is those weekend getaways can have you spending about 100,000 Naira. Factor in the cost of getting to the location, hotel bills, food and the wonderful things you both will indulge in, then you might realise how much it will drill into your pocket.
The best way to go about this is to limit the number of times you have a romantic getaway every year. The most important thing is to save the money for the getaways as this would prevent you from driving yourself into debt on unplanned trips added to the fact that it will make the experience more memorable. Saving for it will also reduce the chances of you over indulging in frivolous spending.



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