Ten Hottest Nigerian Celebrity Dads [You Can’t Handle The Heat In Here, Trust Us]

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Ten Hottest Nigerian Celebrity Dads

Behold a list of your ten hottest Nigerian celebrity dads.

Because the sun has been at its hottest and hot is not a word far from our brains these days and because about a week ago we had a list of ten celebrity milfs, we thought it was okay to compile this very important list.

Plus, on days when you just need a hot man to crush on and there is none in sight, you can just conjure this list and crush on the men here.

Warning: Just crush. If you do more than crush, Oyo is your case.

Dare Art Alade

Dare Art Alade

Probably the hottest celebrity Dad out there, Dare is most definitely one man hotter than the heat in your mama’s kitchen.

Daddy to two kids and husband to one of the prettiest women you’ve probably ever seen, Dare continues to give us the Daddy I Love To F**k vibes.


Flavour He became a Daddy through different women but that is probably because the women saw hot hot he’d be as a father and you know, decided to do it first before others caught the drift.

Not one to let a mirror go free without witnessing his hot body, Flavor is hands down one of the sexiest Dads in the game.

Mikel Obi

Mikel Obi

No matter how mad many might have been at this Chelsea player for picking a non Nigerian woman, nobody can be mad at that body of his.

Whether clad in a jersey or a good old white shirt, the Baller is certainly one hot Dad.

PS: Dear, Mikel Obi’s girlfriend, please when you’re not using him, can we borrow him for Iroko and chill? Thanks.

Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye Personally, I’d like to admit(tically) that this man is wonderfully and beautifully created and Lola Omotayo should be given an award for making him a Daddy.

That worked, didn’t it? It didn’t? Oh well, I tried.

Ladies and gentlemen, Peter Okoye. One of the sexiest things to ever happen to Nigerian entertainment Industry.

Joseph Yobo

Joseph Yobo Adaeze Yobo is one lucky woman. Joseph Yobo might not be your regular “all over the place” footballer but the former Super Eagles Captain is one hot muphucka man.

And probably the only person who would still manage to look hot dressed like this

Joseph Yobo 2Looking good, Daddy!

Paul Okoye

Paul Okoye The other half of P Square is Daddy goals for a lot of young men. I mean, wouldn’t it be amazing if all fathers work towards looking like this after having kids?

I know I’d like that for real.

Meanwhile, can someone go lay extra roses at Late Mrs Okoye’s grave? She made hot babies, damn.

Timi Dakolo

Timi Dakolo Timi Dakolo has accomplished quite a number of things since he became famous and we would have to admit that being a hot Daddy is one of those things.

As if his amazing voice is not enough, the Singer added sexy to the list of things he owns. You know, if Timi were fire, we won’t mind playing with him.

Shhh, please don’t tell the Mrs.

TufaceTuface  Innocent Abraham  Tuface Idibia is a known name across Africa. And even though he is constantly given credit for his works and dedication, the award winning Singer rarely gets the Hot Dad accolade.

The 40 year old singer still manages to look hot and attract Ladies everywhere he goes. Now if there isn’t something, tell me what is.

Ice Prince

Ice Prince You’d almost forget this one has fathered a child because he is not into your typical Daddy fashion. Not one to close his eyes to high fashion and looking good, this Daddy is the Prince of every girl’s heart with his sexy/hot daddy body.

So yes Ice, we would Marry You if you ever ask.


RMD You know he just had to make the list.

Richard Mofe Damijo goes beyond being a hot Dad, he is a hot Grand Dad and we know if he was our boss we would never miss a day of work (Sorry Noble Igwe & Oye Akideinde).

This Actor has found a way to keep Ladies on his page and hey, we are not complaining.

Meanwhile, now off to get some viewing on RMD, DND.

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