Taye Diggs Comes Under Backlash For Saying He Does Not Want His Son To Be Identified As Black

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Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs is coming under major backlash for something he said about how he wants his five year old son to be identified.

The Hollywood actor who has a son with his ex wife Idina Menzel said in an interview that he wants his son to be able to identify with both sides of his ancestry. According to the Best Man actor, the boy is not just black, he is black + white.

And because of this, he should not be seen as just black.

While Taye might be making sense, his fans and many social media users seem to disagree with him.

After his interview went viral, the Actor received several backlash with people who thought he was trying to deny his obvious race and be an “Uncle Tom”.

And Taiye Diggs has revealed that it is his son and the boy can identify with whatever side he likes, including his white side. He also adds that the boy is bi-racial and insists on him being seen that way.

Oh well, thousands of people seem to continue to disagree with Taye Diggs. What say you?



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