Does Taking Marijuana When Pregnant Make A Woman A Bad Mother?

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Does Taking Marijuana When Pregnant Make A Woman A Bad Mother? Not Really.

The active ingredient found in marijuana which is responsible for the ‘high’ feeling you get when you take pot is THC and this ingredient actually works as a wonder drug of some sorts leading to it being recommended by doctors as a medicine for pain relief, sleep inducer, and anti-depressant. The high is good enough that it can be legally given to patients in hospitals as a ‘medical marijuana’ drug. But when taken while pregnant does it affect the baby?

No. Please pot-heads I am not promoting smoking or taking pot while pregnant but nonetheless for information purpose it’s relevant you acquire this information.

A mother in the United States is about to lose her baby because she took ‘marijuana-tea’ while pregnant.

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Hollie Sanford claims she is a good mother and had only the best intentions for her health and that of her baby when she took the tea. She says she had been experiencing terrible morning sickness and unbearable nerve pain while pregnant and had been searching for ways to stop the pain as she was constantly falling ill and feeling perpetual depression because of the sickness.

Doctors wanted to prescribe opiates for the pain but I was worried about becoming addicted and worried about the impact on the  fetus. My husband, Daniel, and I decided the tea was a safer and more natural option. “We did the research and THC, the psychoactive element, doesn’t reach the baby after it’s metabolized through my body, So it’s not like the baby is stoned like people might think.” – Hollie Sanford

The Cleveland resident and her husband, Daniel, began researching for ways to help alleviate the pain and her doctors recommended opiates as a best option for her. They did personal research and found that THC ie TetraHydroCannabinol, the chief intoxicant responsible for the ‘high’ when taking marijuana doesn’t reach the fetus when it’s in the uterus, so she opted for marijuana tea instead.

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The problem began this past September when her baby Nova was born and her doctors decided to perform a drug-test on her, mind you, without the parents’ consent and without asking for the parent’s permission first, even after their family doctor objected to the test as there was nothing wrong with baby Nova and the test wasn’t necessary, but it was performed anyway. Doctors went ahead with the test and found a non-psychoactive by-product of marijuana in her stool.

The baby was found healthy and free of any psychoactive drugs that might affect her anytime in the future but the local Children and Family Services department informed Hollie and Daniel, ‘You guys can leave, but you cannot take your daughter,'” Daniel Sanford said. And although the Cleveland Plain Dealer, county workers only asked for permission to supervise the parents, a judge has little Nova taken away from her parents.

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The Sanfords immediately hired a lawyer and were able to get baby Nova placed with a member of their family instead and they have filed for an appeal to get their baby back. They have to wait till December as that is the date slated for their hearing and until then they visit their baby everyday but have to go home every night leaving their baby behind.

Although marijuana is legalized in some states in the US, Ohio isn’t one of them but there’s been a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in Ohio which could have changed their case, but state voters rejected it on Tuesday. So right now, Hollie and Daniel are torn between the state and the doctors who want to take their baby away from them for taking marijuana while pregnant.

Now let us look at this objectively, what exactly is the issue? Are they being battled because they took the marijuana-tea without doctor’s consent and even if they did is that sufficient reason their take their baby away, I mean nothing happened to the baby? Plus Opiates are made from the hard drug Opium and the doctors recommend that for Hollie. So it’s cool if the doctor recommends hard drugs but it’s wrong if you take it yourself?

Please bear in mind that examples of opiates include morphine and codeine aka coda (for you drug lords out there). Codeine is a derivative of the drug morphine which is found in opium and is usually weaker in action than morphine and is used mainly as an analgesic ie pain reliever and antitussive ie cough suppressant.

Morphine is the principal alkaloid of opium and is used in the form of soluble salt as an analgesic and sedative.

Opium is a narcotic drug that is made from opium poppy seeds. On its own, opium is a powerful and illegal drug categorized under hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana and is said to affect the brain.

Medically, it is given as a drug or used in drug-based medicines in moderate doses to patients to dull the senses, relieve pain, and induce sleep.

The argument is this, if doctors can recommend opium based tablets to pregnant women who are having difficulty during pregnancy, why should a mother lose her baby to the law for taking ‘medical-marijuana tea’? I don’t believe the court should take Nova away from her parents.

What are your thoughts? Does Taking Marijuana When Pregnant Make A Woman A Bad Mother?




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