Sugar Daddy Chronicles [Erotica] Finale By @Tomilola_Coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

Hi guys, I know I said this would come out as an ebook but I changed my mind due to a few reasons. Enjoy the final episode of Sugar Daddy Chronicles which has been ready for a while now.


“Lolo it is okay if you do not want to do this”

I smiled at him, nodded and said, “I know”.

But I wanted to do this.

Over the past weeks, while I watched my body go through changes and watched while my little one grew inside of me and took control of my body, I realized the ultimate sacrifice in the world was the one a mother made for her child.

The moment a woman carried another life inside of her, the moment everything changed; you now thought deeply about every decision, every step and every single thing you wanted to do.

It ceased being about you and about the life inside of you.


I raised my hand to stop him this time, “If you kuku ask again I might just say No” I snapped and then smiled when I saw the brief look of horror that flashed through his face. “Just stop asking, Chi” I softened my voice and threw my arms around his neck.

I was a few pounds heavier and thanks to little Chimezie, there were extra curves, boobs had added up and my ass was now giving Omotola Jalade Ekeinde’s a run for its money.

I was loving every minute of it and every curve added to my frame, the number of selfies on my phone were a great proof of that.

“I believe this is the right thing to do. Please let’s do it” I knew from the look on his face that he wanted to say more.

Chimezie was in love with me, and the way he loved me ehn, I had never seen a man love me that way.

He was always over the moon whenever I joined him on the couch in the sitting room, he laughed at all of my jokes, he watched my favorite TV series even Pretty Little Liars that even I knew was cheesy.

He spent every time of the day with me and the excitement that filled his face whenever we visited the Doctor together was priceless; it was as if he had never had a baby before this one we were both expecting.

I could not lie, I had developed a soft spot for him. I cared a great deal about him and it was for that reason that I decided to marry him.

He placed his hand on my round stomach now, rubbing it absentmindedly, that smile that usually accompanied the action slowly returning to his face.

Watching him this way made me happy and made me excited about the little one growing inside of me; he would be an amazing father.

I glanced at the expensive jewelry on the bed near me and my white Valentino cape dress which was spread out close to the jewelry. We had to leave for the court soon to exchange our vows but I knew if I did not hurry Chimezie, he would spend the rest of the day rubbing my belly as if that was what he had come to this life for.

“Chi, biko let us start leaving. We can always come back to this” I said and began to reach for my necklace. Kofo had offered to come dress me up but I had declined. I wanted to do it all by myself, plus I did not need anyone fussing over me while I dressed up, it was what her and my mother had been doing since that little accident that saw me tumbling down the stairs.

“I love you. The both of you” Chimezie was saying and I rolled my eyes in response. It was not that I did not believe him, it was just that he had said it so many times it might not mean anything anymore. In fact, days before I had to warn him to stop saying it too much so I would feel special whenever he said it.

But again, it was probably his own way of expressing his feelings.

I suddenly felt his weight on my body as I tried to sit up. Looking beside me, I noticed he was sprawled on the bed.

“Chi?” I called, a frown deepening on my forehead. “Chi?” I called again when he would not respond. I dropped the gold necklace I was holding and then tapped him gently. He did not move, neither did he speak.

Panic surged through me as I shook him roughly, but he still did not move.

“Oh my goodness” I muttered as I shouted his name again. “There is no way you are doing this to me, Chimezie! Wake the fuck up! Damn it, I love you!” I screamed but I was probably saying the words too late because even before my cousin and his daughter ran through the door to help me, I knew he was gone.

Gone forever.


Funerals were fucked up; guests you knew showed up, the ones you barely knew showed up, the ones who followed the ones you barely knew showed up and the members of the Church where the funeral was holding and who believed it was a ritual to attend the funeral, showed up.

And I hated all those people.

Left to me, I would have had Chimezie buried quietly with his family and close friends in attendance. I would have selected the guests and made sure there were people I knew he cared about and who cared about him in return.

I would not have invited these ass lickers, haters in disguise and Nkiru the ho who for some reason cried louder than the bereaved.

“Why is that woman making noise now? Was your Fiance owing her money before he died?” Kofo was looking in Nkiru’s direction now, clearly irritated by her obvious display of emotion.

“She is just sad there would be nobody to give head again” I replied and focused on the aged Priest in front of the congregation.

Kofo chuckled, “And seeing how she looks, nobody would trust her with their private part anymore”

“Now you get her frustration”

Kofo stifled laughter and with her hand tightening on mine, I somehow found extra strength to go through the service.

Chimezie was buried after the church service and after three days in his family home, we all returned to Lagos.

His only daughter came to me and told me her father had willed a lot of money and property to me.

“He loved you so much” she said, “And I am not about to judge you for being with a man that old but I bet you left him no choice.”

“I loved him too.” I replied and the look of disbelief on her face was enough for me to see that she did not believe me at all. “I know it is hard for you to believe but his last days saw me seeing love in another way. He grew on me steadily but firmly, the way our baby is inside of me.”

And I knew that even though she might leave without believing the words I said, she would ponder on them for a long time to come.

He left the house we both lived together in Lagos to me and even though Kofo wanted me to live there, I could not bear the memories I knew would always flood through once in a while.

“So what now, you want to sell the house?” Kofo asked incredulously.

“Nope. I would lease it or something. But I would rent another and stay at least for a year.”

Kofo shrugged, whatever I said seemed to not make much sense but seemed to be okay for that moment.

“That werey Sugar Daddy of yours from before was here this afternoon when you were sleeping” She mentioned as she flipped the channel on the TV.

LJP was a creep and that was why I was not asking Kofo how he found me; he was the creepiest person in the world so there was no need asking how he did what he did.

“What was he looking for?” I asked idly, surprised at my indifference to why the crazed Sugar Daddy was looking for me.

Kofo leaned forward, her attention suddenly drawn to something on MTV Base. “I’m coming” she said while she continued to watch the music video on TV. “I thought I knew that girl, she looked familiar like one useless runs girl that borrowed money from my cousin and refused to return it for some stupid reason”

I looked at the object of her interest; the girl in question was shaking her ass seductively to the music of the Artiste playing on TV.

I never understood why girls shamelessly danced away their lives on TV like that. Not because I was against Video vixens, heck I had a few friends that started out being that, but because most of the girls that did it, went about it distastefully.

“So what’s your own? You want to help him find her and arrest her?”

She shrugged, “What’s my own.”

But I knew Kofo better and I knew deep down, she was devising a means to get her cousin’s money back somehow.

“Let me show you the girl sef, she just updated some minutes ago on Instagram”

I was honestly not interested in who she was seemingly obsessed about, “Madam, I asked for the reason someone came here to see me you’re showing me a girl that stole your cousin’s money. How is that one my business na?”

“Chill joo. She is one of these Instagram hoes and she has many followers. Just want to gist you ni jare. Abi your sense of humor got buried with your baby Daddy?” She was scrolling through her Instagram now.

“You’re foolish” I said and returned my eyes to the TV, another song was playing now. It was an old P Square song and it somehow made me think of love – deep romantic love – which was not a surprise anyway because the song was titled I love you.

It reminded me of Steve, the memories we shared, the crazy passionate sex and the last time we saw.

“Ehen, see the onigbese” Kofo was shoving her phone in my face now. I took it from her and busied myself with checking out the girl in question.

I had seen her before and because of who she was with the first and only time I set eyes on her and because of how many times that moment had played out in my head, I recognized her instantly.

“Steve’s girlfriend” I said, curiosity pushing me to load more photos by scrolling through her older photos. I was suddenly interested in her and what was going on in her world, hoping to find out that she did not kick it off with Steve or anything of the sort.

“This Ho?” Kofo laughed, “This your Steve does not sha have head for correct woman. First that bitch you told me about, then you, then this lowlife thieving ass ho.”

“You’re just foolish, Kofo. What is my own inside this matter now?”

“Are you not a crazy person?”

I hissed, “Your head is not correct. Mumu” I suddenly stopped on a photo, it was her and Steve. She was dressed in his shirt and her face did not have any of the makeup all her photos had and that had been on her face the first day I saw her at Shoprite.

My heart skipped several beats as I scrolled down to see the caption. She had clearly passed the night at his and she called him her Fiancé.

For some reason, I could not think any more; my brain suddenly went on a break and I felt like I was coming down with a fever.

I showed the phone to Kofo, she took it from me and checked it. “I thought you were over him”

“I thought I was over him”

She tried to say something but I raised my hand, stopping her from saying anything.

“What did LJP want?”

Kofo stood and disappeared into her room, she returned some minutes later with two gift bags.

I rolled my eyes, “Ugh, he still thinks gifts would change anything? This man is deluded”

She handed me the bags and settled back into her seat near me. I opened the shopping bag and retrieved a huge card on which he had scribbled an apology in bold letters.

He also had a diamond bracelet in a box in the other gift bag.

“At least he is not threatening me again” I said, relieved that he had stopped acting like a scorned lover. Many nights after the last time I saw him, I had prayed silently for my Parents, because I knew LJP could not be trusted. Especially since he somehow found out where they lived and surprised them with his presence.

“I can’t take any of these things though. The card, yes. But the others, no. All I want right now is peace of mind with my baby abeg.”

“Yeah. We don’t want little Chimezie arriving and finding out mommy is still a Ho”

I smacked Kofo and eyed her simultaneously, “Please can we have sense before the baby arrives? Or how do I explain to it that Aunty Kofo lost her sense a long time ago?”

My phone rang and I realized through True Caller that it was LJP calling me.

“What does this one want again?”

Kofo peeped into the phone, “Pick it and find out.”

I shook my head, “Nah, let him carry his drama and go”

But LJP did not seem to be going anywhere, because my phone rang back to back for the next couple of minutes and it clearly upset Kofo because the next thing she did was shocking.

She picked the call and spoke to him.

“Jeez are you out of your mind?” I asked her, irritated and angry that she thought it was okay to pick the call.

“This is not Kaycee but speak and I would deliver your message.” She listened and moved away from me when I tried to snatch the phone from her. “Great. She would be there.” Then she ended the call and threw the phone on the couch near me. “Please stand up, dress up and go and meet your psychotic Sugar Daddy. I can’t take any more of his madness abeg.”

“What does he want?”

“A meeting”

“And knowing what this man is capable of, you agreed in a heartbeat”

“He swore it would be the last time he would disturb you.”

I could not believe her, “And for some reason, he convinced you.”

“See Kelechi, I would go with you. But go and see this person and listen to whatever he has to say. Maybe when you do he would leave you alone once and for all.”

It was a tough decision to make and that was not because it was hard to decide whether or not to grant LJP’s request. It was entirely because I was worried he might not stop popping up or stop demanding to see me at odd periods.

But I was also willing to go see him and tell him to steer clear.

I was not interested in being who I was with him anymore, I wanted to be a mom now and have a real life.

Talking about real life, I had invested in a huge cosmetic company with part of the money Chimezie left me and was now one of its owners.

It was a good deal, a starting point and something that would ensure I was not hungry in a long time to come.

“I would pick something for you to wear” Kofo said and disappeared into the room.

As I relaxed my head on the couch, my mind went in search of Steve for the hundredth time that day.


Since I got pregnant with Chimezie’s baby, seafood have been a no go area for me. The smell alone was enough to induce nausea and once, when Chimezie and I had gone to buy frozen chicken and goat meat at a store, I had stayed a little too long around the seafood area and had sped into the nearest toilet because all I wanted to do was vomit.

Since then, fish and anything remotely related to it had become off limits.

And that was why I knew from the very first minute I entered the bar where so many people around me were ordering fish and chips that I was in trouble.

“I can’t stay here” I said to LJP immediately I sighted him.

“I know and I promise I would be brief” He said to me, oblivious of the strong fight I had put up against the smell of fish around me.

Kofo had chosen for me a blue blazer and a midi bodycon dress. It was flattering and showed off every curve and the baby bump and it also revealed a pair of smooth and fresh boobs.

I was glowing, even I was aware of that and I did not blame the men that occasionally looked in my way.

“I want to apologize for everything I did in the past. I am sincerely sorry.”

I nodded, eager to hear the rest of his story and leave the bar.

“And I know you’re coping with a deep loss right now, so I want you to know that if you need me I would be there”

Right. Creepy cow. I fought the overwhelming urge to roll my eyes.

“Thanks LJP” I said to him. I really needed to get out of the bar fast.

Kofo was waiting for me in the car, I needed to leave fast and join her there.

He drew me into a long warm embrace and unknowingly worsened my heightened nausea because of the smell of his strong masculine perfume which had now somehow mixed with that awful fish smell.

“I have to go now.” I said, disengaging myself from the tight hug.

“I’d call you.”

“No!” I smiled when I noticed my response had been too sharp and too loud and a few eyes were looking our way. “I mean, don’t worry. I would call you whenever I can”

He smiled, “I get it. Don’t be a stranger”

I nodded and ran towards the door, if I wasn’t careful I’d be barfing on a stranger soon.

Opening the door, I found out that it would be a miracle to make it to the car without throwing up and as I stepped out of the bar, the nausea won over me, causing my lunch to rush through my mouth and on to some stranger’s nice shiny shoes.

I lowered my head, too embarrassed to look into the face of the person I had just doused in my vomit.

“Are you okay?”

Ha now I was going to have to look up and face him. And I did. Except when I did, he was not alone. He was with AKT and Ms Kylie Jenner aka his girlfriend.

“Hi Steve” I said.


He looked different. I was not sure why I thought he did but he did look different.

Something was off and I could not say if it was the fuller hair or his eyes but something just was not right.

“Are you okay now?” He asked as he helped me into the car near Kofo.

I managed a nod, “Thanks. And I am sorry about that.”

He did not respond, his eyes did not leave mine and his hands still held mine firmly.

“It suits you” He said calmly and I realized he was talking about my pregnancy. “You look beautiful”

I smiled, it was a genuine smile. It was also a happy smile. All of a sudden, the racing of the heart, quickening of the pulse and all those things that happened when I was with this person returned.

“Thank you”

“When can I see you?”

“Tonight” I replied without thinking.

“I’m getting married on Saturday”

I did not know what to say.

“Would you come?”

“It’s not to me”

“I wish it was”

“You chose not to wait”

His eyes fell on my stomach, “I was pained that you were carrying a life inside of you that was not mine.”

“I know. It’s okay”

Kylie Jenner was coming towards us now, I could see her from the corner of my eyes.

“Bye Steve” I said and shut the door, then Kofo drove us home in silence.


It was dark when I felt his body against mine on Saturday; his body warmth ignited a fire inside of me and shielded me from the cold coming from the AC.

I did not know how he got in and I did not care to know. All I knew was, I was not in a trance or a dream, this was fucking real.

“You got my text”

“I got your text”

There was a long pause.

“I mean it Steve”

Again, there was a long pause.

“I know. That’s why I’m here.”

I remember the content of the text now, it was short and straight to the point. I had sent it to him after I left the bar where I vomited on him four days before; nobody can ever make you happy the way I would.

He had not responded but now I knew why he had not.

It was the morning of his wedding and there he was, in my bed.

“I’m insanely in love with you.” He said and for some minutes, both of us said nothing. “I would marry you, you would have that baby and we would raise it together. You’d be mine forever…”

“As long as you’re mine”

“I’d be your only Sugar Daddy”

“You have enough Sugar to last me a lifetime, Daddy”

He chuckled.

“We can’t get married now but we would, sometime in the near future”

“I like that. We need to find each other first. And I need to take care of my business and learn how to be an Independent woman”

We held each other close, the only thing that mattered being both of us in each other’s arms “I have a confession”

I waited for it.

“That day at Shoprite was the most difficult time of my life. It was hard to watch you walk away and not be able to touch you” He placed a kiss on my forehead. “And I regretted it for all the days that followed. I am never letting you walk away again, babe.”

“You better not”.



Because I know a couple of AKT fans followed this series and even kept rooting for him on my social media accounts I decided to do a sequel and tell the story from AKT’s side. I actually even started but the story no gree come well well. If AKT is persistent and comes to me the way Kaycee did then I’d finish. But don’t hold your breath. Meanwhile, thank you guys for the amazing feedback during this series. I know I have said it before but this just goes to show you how much in awe of you guys I am.

I love you

Friendzone HQ tomorrow morning.




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  1. Love is beautiful if u lucky enuf to find the right person….lucky Kaycee

    Tomi is the best creative person I know…God bless ur brain darling u are definitely going places

  2. Wow. It’s really been a long time I came here… I missed a lot. And I’m catching up already. This prose ehn.. . Chae!!! Was thinking fifty shades of grey was erotic… This one is super erotic. I love this. God bless you dear. Ehnehn. Is my nightshirt still valid? I hope you remember though. Lemme go read the next One.

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