How To Successfully Date A Co-worker

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Dating in the workplace can be very tiresome and complicated for a variety of reasons irrespective of whether you’re single or married. It can have a negative effect on you and your relationship with other persons asides the person you’re dating. If is quite difficult for you to be able to live past the gossip and jealousy that may come from other workers which may make the relationship end up messy. More so, if the relationship does end, you’re still expected to act cool with your co-worker or even worst get slammed with a sexual harassment allegation which can tarnish your person.

Despite all these complications however, research has shown that about one-third of dating that occurs at workplaces end up in marriage which increases the probability of your own workplace dating working out. If you however get married to someone you met at your workplace, you may want to prevent a same occurrence happening to you again.

A survey conducted by CareerBuilder says that 48 percent of people who worked in the hospitality industry have dated people at work. This points to the fact that you may want to consider dating someone at work as opposed to the conventional dating outside of work.

As a result, we bring to you some ways in which you can get date your co-worker and make a success of the relationship.

Value Your Partner’s Work
It is important that you both appreciate and value the work and effort you put in at home and in the office. Just because you’re dating a co-worker doesn’t mean you should see them as a subordinate at work. As such, it is important you address your partner by their designated title at work as opposed to calling them by their pet names. This action should be adhered to by you and your partner to avoid any inherent conflicts.

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Discuss Your Problems on Neutral Ground
When you finally do agree to date that your co-worker, it’s best you leave your disagreements to be discussed outside of your office. The reason being that you and your partner now get to see at both the house and the workplace. This can result in a feeling of you carrying the load from the office to the home and vice versa. When issues arise, it’s best to look for a neutral place such as a bar or restaurant where you can make your grievances known as opposed to talking about it at home or in the office. This way, you both can avoid the tension that can build up in either of the home or office.

Spend Time Apart At Work
Spending almost every hour of the day with your partner both at home and at work can take a toll on your relationship. This may make you lose the spark that was there from the onset. The ideal thing to do in this situation is for you and your partner to maintain your individual interests and passions without the pressure of doing things together. The both of you can spend some time doing things separately such as hanging out with friends, so that you can both be reminded of how much you value each others company.

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Keep The Fights At Home
You may want to consider keeping the fights at home or completely away from the presence of other co-workers. Irrespective of the source of disagreements be it one regarding work or that of the home, it is important you and your partner appear united in the presence of others. Doing anything contrary might cause your co-workers to take sides in your fights which may escalate whatever issues you’re having.



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