Sex Position Of The Week – The Path To Heaven

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The Path To Heaven is one position that definitely guarantees optimal ecstasy. Called a path to heaven for its deep thrust and heightened friction during sex, this position is one that never fails to live up to its name.

A side-ways version to the missionary position, the ‘path to heaven’, this is one erotic and passionate style lovers and freaks definitely want in their sex bucket list. If you are new to this position, grab yourself a cup of tea (or partner) and get reading cos is about to get steamy. Can be performed anywhere, couch, bed, car seat (the back), floor etc.

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While both lay on the bed. The woman lays on her side and he follows suit. She parts her legs and he puts both of his thighs inside her already spread legs. To avoid the full weight of his body from weighing the woman down, he goes low enough so his waist is on her thighs while her legs embrace him.  He is inside her laid down and curled up like a sleeping child.

This position keeps both hands free especially if they lean back further from each other as an alternate style.

He slips his penis on her vagina (not in yet) as he prepares to show her what the path to heaven is really all about. While playing with her vagina and clitoris with his penis, he grabs her breasts and starts sucking on her nipples, beginning from the taut nipples and taking her entire mound of breasts, bit by bit, kissing, caressing, sucking every part of her.

She takes her own turn too, nibbling on his ear and shoulder blades. Grabbing his head and pushing it down to suckle harder on her all tense-breasts, she’s about to burst from the sensation but not yet, she has to hold on just a bit longer.

He feels her moistness and slips into her vagina. Taking with him each thrust of pleasure and passion as he squeezes her into his embrace with each fluid move. He doesn’t stop sucking her breasts, roving from one mound to another.

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The man releases her breast and moves his mouth to her open lips, he glides over to nibble on her neck, earlobe and shoulder blades as he rides her to orgasm with each powerful thrust while his free hand fondles her breasts.

She feels every sensation as she eagerly rides him too, clawing passionately on his back as he leads her on the path to heaven straight to orgasm and he follows suit as he feels her shiver for life as her orgasm takes hold and they are both led onto cloud nine.

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