Sex Position Of The Week – Honey Trap

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This position is extremely difficult and it’s only for those flexible enough to make it work. That’s the downer. Did I just break your heart? Don’t worry, you’d get pointers on how to maneuver it for a great sexperience. Like really, How hard can it be when the penis and vagina are involved?

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On the upside of great sex, there’s nothing quite as fun as learning something new even if you can’t try it out ‘just yet’ you could add it to your sex-bucket list for a later trial. But if you can make this work, well let’s get reading on how to optimize the style for the greatest pleasure.

The Honey Trap sexperience involves the lady sitting on the man’s thighs while facing him. No, not that style. She has to lean backwards so he has ample view of her vagina and she has ample view of his penis, with her head resting  in-between his legs.

*If she isn’t flexible enough to tuck her knees underneath his torso, she can set the leg free so it’s beside his arm.

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Now he inserts his penis into her vagina while she rides him slowly. Moving back and forth with each thrusts. This position guarantees quick orgasms seeing as it’s done slowly and his penis will be hitting her g-spot while his hands will be pleasuring her clitoris.

She can bring this home by rubbing on her breasts herself, seeing as his hands will be too far away to grasp them. She’ll get the most effective result when he pleasures her clit and sticks a finger into her vagina while his dick is in there too. With each subtle back and forth movement she feels the clitoral stimulation and penis thrust.

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When he wants to feel pleasured, she should set her legs free so they’re beside his arm and lift her waist up a bit so he could move inside her with upward thrusts. He’ll definitely bust a cum once he begins to thrust into her vagina while pleasuring her clitoris with his eyes closed or he could prop himself up a bit so he could have full view of his penis going in and out of her. He could also prop against something, ie a pillow, head rest, or the wall  while she retains her honey trap position.

When he’s propped, he will be able to give her the best sexperience seeing as he would be free with his hands and can reach out to grab her breasts (depending on flexibility).

This is a major orgasm maker and it’s worthy of a try if you’ve never done this before. She will be grateful for the new knowledge in sexology and so will he.

The honey trap sex position is definitely worth getting trapped in.

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