Sex Bucket List For Every Nigerian Woman

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As a female your sexual preferences are usually more subtle than the male who throws it all up in your face.

A Woman wants to be dominated sexually but only by a guy she feels comfortable enough to trust. She’s all for letting go of all her inhibitions and just lets the sex flow but she’s subconsciously cautious about the man’s perception about her. She doesn’t want to give off the wrong impression, especially if it’s a guy she really likes.

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Men have sex with their head, it’s usually sex is sex, unless their heart says otherwise, but for women, there’s usually some amount of sentimentalism involved eg, I once had a threesome with a friend and got offended when he was more into the other chick than me, and it was pretty stupid seeing as he had expressly asked for my permission before bringing the girl over and I agreed. Blast from the past. – Anonymous

Well, whoever you are, as a female you have what you fantasize on sexually and for me the Sex Bucket List For Every Nigerian Woman is the holy grail to everything and anything you should try sexually as a woman.

Grab yourself a piece of chocolate as I am about to blow your mind.



She wants to watch porn with a guy and just have sex to the sound of the moans coming off the speakers. Now, that is top on every girl’s sex bucket list but they don’t know how to say it so they keep it to themselves and just fantasize on it. If you’re fortunate enough to find the ‘one’ who’d tick this off your sex bucket list, then you are in for a wild ride. All you have to do is slot in the visuals of your pleasure and just watch and have sex.

When the visuals begin to set the mood, you could turn off the visuals if your system is connected to a home theater and let the audio sound just filter through both your ears as you enjoy some wild act of sexual fulfillment. The visuals could also come in handy for those who feel it that way.

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What’s up with everyone having sex at night? Suddenly it seems having sex in the dark is the norm? As some Igbo brothers will put it, ‘but why’? Great sex has no time stamp so you should have mad-ass daylight sex on your bucket list as this is just one of those things you really want to try out.

Most times girls don’t feel comfortable enough to let go all the way in the light so they relegate their ‘all the way’ to the dark. For them, daytime sex is a no-no. Well, if you are one of those, it’s time to let go of whatever insecurities keep you hidden and just get freaky in broad daylight.

It would amaze your partner, if you haven’t done this before, and it would stun you too. The pleasure of seeing your partner have sex with you in broad light is enough to give you major orgasms.



Two guys and a girl. While guys fantasize on two girls and a guy, girls fantasize on two guys and a girl. Wouldn’t it just be amazing if you could get two guys of your sexual interest and have them give you great sex, just the way you want it? Two guys all for your sexual satisfaction. Major Sex Fantasy alert.

While girls who are bisexual or lesbians could fall for the two girls and a guy routine, girls who are freaky and straight would want to lap the testosterone threesome up in a bit as they want to know what it feels like to have two men at their disposal.

If you’re in a relationship, don’t be surprised if your man agrees to the two-girls and a guy sex play but says a big No to the testosterone threesome. But then, it’s your fantasy. You alone know what your fantasies are and how you want them fulfilled.


Not every girl is ready to reveal she’s into being blindfolded. She wouldn’t want to hand over that kind of control to a stranger but deep down inside, she wants a man that can take control, blindfold her and show her just how weak she can be while taking her through a path of uncharted course to orgasm.

The journey they say is just as great as the destination, so she needs a man that can seduce her while she’s helpless. A man who knows her sex bucket list desires and is willing to move mountains to make them come through for her.

Being blindfolded means she has to trust him. Every breath, every kiss, has to be built on trust. She has to be on a really ‘trustworthy’ level with him to give him that part of herself. Being blindfolded and headed at the same time is one crazy sexy move and she wants a man who can do this to her.


She wants to be given great sex like never before while in a body of water. This is one move worthy of a trial, as having sex while in the pool is so so so……. I’ll let you figure the rest out.

It is one fantasy girls want to try out. Therefore, when next you’re in the pool with your man (or any man you’re attracted to sexually) and you have a shot at ticking this off your sex bucket list, my advice? Take it. Use that shot to try out a sexual fantasy and earn yourself a cum as reward.


Wouldn’t you just love to watch your man jerk off right before you? Like the thought right? I know. Man-sturbating is some kinky thought and you want to try this one out as it would give you the chance to just sit back and chill as you gaze at the man stroke his penis to orgasm. And you’ll definitely get horny.

The chances of him hitting a cum by just watching you is also very high as you’d also be fulfilling a fantasy of his too which is to jerk off before a chic. So it’s a win-win for everyone.

You could also get one in by taking his penis and straddling it to orgasm if you feel horny enough to have sex with him immediately.

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For every orgasm you get, you take a shot of liquor. Chances are you’ll get high and he’ll stay sober but that’s the idea. To pay yourself for having an orgasm by taking a shot of alcohol to loosen your inhibitions, one shot at a time.

If you’re a woman who finds it hard to cum, well this isn’t for you. But you can also make this work by making yourself orgasm since you alone know exactly how to pleasure yourself  and when you do get there, you take a shot and loosen up a notch or two so your man can have some fun watching you get high as he rides you away.



Wouldn’t you want to have sex with your skirt just raised up, thongs/panties parted to the side while fully clothed? Try this. Particularly good for quickies as you don’t want to appear ruffled, except in your vagina.

Skirt sex is good for  quickies, stranger shag, club loos, office flings and public sex.


Men’s Health Thursday: Sex Bucket List For Every Nigerian Man

This last two moves are for those who love to tease.


Ever heard of agro? If you’re a sex tease then you probably have as that’s every guys no-go area. No man wants to go through that as it would mean he wouldn’t be part of the fun.

This particular sex bucket list must be done discreetly as no guy will allow himself feel that pain no matter how pleasurable it is. So let’s keep it our secret. The idea is to have sex with a guy, achieve orgasm, then get off him.

He wouldn’t be achieving orgasm, no papi, he’ll be left to feel just how she feels when he has sex with her and she doesn’t come too. Payback isn’t pretty.


Almost like the painful pleasure sex fantasy. This sex bucket list would leave one of you with an agro and it isn’t the man. This is for her. The idea is to go all the way. Oral pleasure at it’s finest. You’ll give as much as you receive but you’ll not be having penetrative sex.

Not to be confused with oral sex, this sexperience doesn’t end well for her as she wouldn’t be having an orgasm and neither will he. The idea is to get as horny as possible, to that point where you believe you can’t turn back from but then you surprise yourself and show some self-control.

This sex bucket list for the Nigerian woman is about exploring new options, sailing new seas and riding new waves.

Dare to be different, spontaneous, and creative with your sex life especially if it needs some spicing.

Your man will be grateful for this kinky new attitude of yours and you’d be more sexually confident than ever.

Maybe next time you’ll be giving me pointers.

Get creative, Get sexing. And play safe. Adios.




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