Rock To Work – 40 Short HairSpirations For Ladies

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Rock To Work – 40 Short HairSpirations For Ladies

As you grow being a female is a pretty hard job. From hair, makeup, skin care, and everything and anything to make you look better, you are always up for it. Most times it’s a pretty expensive way of life and you pay for it anyways, I mean what choice do we have?!

I remember having a conversation with an old friend of mine and she gladly reminded me about the good ol’days, those days when N200 (equivalent of a dollar with the present exchange rate) or even less depending on your neighborhood can get you a neat looking rubber thread or corn row of any style you desire. Plus these hair styles help your hair grow and you can also avoid Certain Things You Do That Make Your Hair Fall Out

But, with every level in life, certain hair styles suddenly quit being deemed beautiful or befitting enough of your social status. Who made it that way anyways? I mean why can’t you just make thread or rock corn row? Are the boys whom we try to impress with every single beauty regime we create going to have a problem if we decide to start wearing police cab or kpatewo? Lol, I’m just thinking in letters though.

Some girls even struggle to look good, living beyond their means and level all to look pretty, maybe to impress a guy, maybe to feel good about themselves, either way, Rock-To-Work will be giving you Forty Short Hairspirations combined with tips on how to rock the short hair effortlessly. Plus, it’s a penny saver and wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

If you’re open to the notion of changing your hair color to red this DIY Tip On How To DYE Your Hair Red will definitely come in handy.

The weather in West Africa this season is so warm and this hairstyles will save you some heat wave so you could just feel free and let your neck breathe. Plus there’s always the option of Rocking Trendy Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair.

Like they say, looking good as a woman makes her feel good about herself but true beauty isn’t in weaves or hair or makeup, it comes from within. The best beauty is a pretty face and a beautiful heart so why you Rock-To-Work with your amazing fashion sense and great makeup and hair also wear a grateful and happy heart.








Always use hair shades that complement your skin tone. Our black beautiful skin can be pretty selective of colors so it’s important to not go overboard with hues. Our unique skin has unique tastes.

If you want to use purple or green or blue and you have a dark skin tone, use a dark hue of the preferred color, it would look amazing on you.

Females with fair skin tones can get away with basically any shade as every woman is beautiful in her skin and amazing in her own way.

Everything is about balance. Find the shades that suit you and rock it effortlessly.







Using tints or highlights of shades always look good too. Depending on what profession you are into.

For those who work in the bank or certain offices where your hair has to be moderate or less than you desire, shades of dark gold can go unnoticed, as long as you don’t go overboard with it and if you do, it  doesn’t clash with your company fashion style.

We wouldn’t want you to get fired over your hair now, would we?!










These hairstyles can be made using synthetic or human hair weaves. Though I’d opt for the human hair as it could be re-used on a rainy day unlike it’s synthetic counterpart that you use once only to throw away.

The price range for these hairs depends on where you buy it, the brand you buy, the length of the weave, and the quantity.

If you are working on a budget, N2000 can get you something chic and simple. You can also get for less or more, it’s all about how deep your pocket is at the time you want to wear the hair.

Price doesn’t include your hairstylists bill.



Bold colors such as purple make your hair loud so you’ll need to keep your makeup minimal so it doesn’t throw back at whoever’s glaring.

My point is,  excess makeup on a loud hair color wouldn’t enable your make-up come off as pretty as it should and anyone staring at you would be confused on how truly good-looking you are. When makeup is kept at a minimum, you would hit high mark.

Your lipstick can be a shade dark or bright, but your eye-shadow should be a natural or light hue.




The usual synthetic in the market go for four to eight inches at N500 to N1000 per pack while the human hair could go from N500 to N10,000 depends on the quantity and brand.

I wouldn’t use the term quality because there’re some not-so-pricey short-inch human hairs in the market that could give you the same result as the pricey ones.

Sometimes brand names take the weave price up a notch. Also note that if you are buying  from stores, the price is knocked up too as they have to pay rent, so they have to take it off you.

If you want to look great on a budget, the market could cut costs for you. But if those bills ain’t got you worried, well please shell out, you only live once, right?!




The most important thing for a dark-skinned female to note when choosing hair hue is that all it takes from going sassy to trashy is a shade.

Going over and beyond your necessary required hair tone can offset your look and make it seem like you were trying so hard but still failed at the attempt so ALWAYS use dark shades of bright colors, you could also combine two or three colors of various shades or just use highlights.




A pack would suffice if you want to make the body of the head of hair and want to brush up or just shave off the side and back-ends of the hair and Two to Three packs if you want to make the full head and want a full look.




For those with a round face, not all hair styles would suit that pretty face, but the full-front fringe will always suit your face. Like you’ll hit an A with this one. Make you look like a cute chubby doll.

If you want any of these hairstyles and you’re wondering how to rock it either side fringe or all back, or full front, just hold up the weave to the desired way you want it on your face to ascertain how it’d look on you before making up your mind so you could have an idea on how it’d suit you. That should do the trick and help with your selection.






Looking good is good business and you definitely want to make an impression at work this week so save a snap of any of the hairstyles to show your hairstylist so he or she can have an idea of what you want to wear on your hair rather than just trying to describe it for them. They could get confused and make something else contrary to what you described and you wouldn’t like that. One time I had to loose an entire body of hair cos my hairstylist got it all wrong. Perfect waste of time, patience and money.

Have a great week and drop by next week for another Rock-To-Work inspiration.



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