Robbie Savage Hits Back At John Terry Over Diss

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Robbie Savage hits back at John Terry

Former Wales international Robbie Savage feels John Terry has not made himself any friends with his recent comments.

Robbie Savage hits back at John Terry
Robbie Savage hits back at John Terry

The Chelsea captain had slammed Savage for criticizing him, saying he could take criticism from people like Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville, but not Savage.

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“John’s entitled to his opinion,” wrote Savage in his column for the Daily Mirror.

“It’s a shame he thinks 99% of the industry – those of us who have not won the title or Champions League medals – is unqualified to express theirs.”

The former Blackburn player also addressed Terry’s jab that he played at a really bad level.

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“I only played 346 games in the Premier League, captained four clubs in the top flight and won 39 international caps. So much for playing at a really bad level.”

“Terry has distanced him from the vast majority of people involved in football because he was effectively saying their opinions don’t matter.”



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