Review of ‘Sobukwe, A Great Soul’

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Mickey Madoda Dube’s Sobukwe: A Great Soul is a thorough exposé on the life of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe (1924 – 1978), a South African political dissident, who was nicknamed ‘Prof.’ by his associates and admirers due to his brilliance-cum-oratorial skills.  Dube’s docu-drama style of re-enacting vital details of Sobukwe’s life is scintillating and Luthuli Dlamini, who portrays Sobukwe gives a superb delivery.

The fundamental reality in this film is that, sadly, many people suffer injustice in the world for standing up for their rights and/or those of others.  As long as people’s viewpoints and lifestyles are not a threat to the existence of others, such people should be allowed to live with the merits and consequences of their actions.

Yet, when aggression arises from activism, the warring parties have to be willing to negotiate, reach a compromise and strive to keep to their agreements.  The government of South Africa should immortalize Sobukwe even if they disagree with his stance on issues.  After all, he fought for the common good and suffered dearly for it.

Dube does a brilliant job in telling the thought-provoking tale of a man, who despite coercion, never gave up his principles.   One does not need to have heard of Sobukwe to enjoy the movie because the visuals and narration are beautifully integrated to make Sobukwe: A Great Soul the top-notch documentary that it is.

Amarachukwu Iwuala

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