Oshodi Phone Criminal Reveals How He Tricks Buyers And Sells Them Soap

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Phone-soap seller arrested in Oshodi

A 54-year old man, Michael Bisa, has been arrested by police for selling fake phones filled with soap in Oshodi.

Phone-soap seller arrested in Oshodi: Michael Bisa
Phone-soap seller arrested in Oshodi: Michael Bisa

According to police reports, Bisa disguised as a phone seller in the area, selling fake phones to unsuspecting buyers in the area.

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Police reportedly recovered bars of soap, shirts, some amount of money and envelopes from the suspect.

Bisa claimed it was poverty that made him go in to the trade, and explained his modus operandi to the police.

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“What I did to my customers is called exchange. The people who came to me to buy mobile phones would be shown a real phone. But while we were discussing the price, I would carefully hide the phone in a white handkerchief and swap it with a bar of soap which I had already cut to size and put in a phone case. As soon as they left the spot, I would change my clothes so that the buyer would not recognize me again.”

“I was a refrigerator technician in Delta State. I came to Lagos to look for greener pastures about 15 years ago. When the situation got so hard for me, I met a friend, Hakeem Tijani, who is now late. He was the one who taught me the job. Since that time, about four years ago, I have been surviving this way.”



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