Nigeria and UK @ War: British Embassy In Nigeria To Be Shut Down If UK Deports 500 Nigerians

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The British Government has been warned, to ensure all Nigerians being detained, tortured, traumatised and dehumanised in various Immigration Detention Centres all over United Kingdom and Europe are released unconditionally in 14 days, else by retaliatory way, British citizens in Nigeria would be deported, Professor Alexia Thomas disclosed.British embassy

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According to Leadership reports, Professor Thomas, who is Chairman of the Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, – a British registered political party – made the shocking revelation known during a press conference held in their headquarters on Monday, November 23.

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The Nigeria-born, British fiery human rights activist leading the anti-deportation campaign, in a press statement said:

“The United Kingdom Ruling Government is given up till the 7th of December, 2015, to pronounce mandate to release Nigerian citizens from Immigration Detention Centres in the UK unconditionally without compromise, or else by 9th December, 2015, they (British Government) should expect Nigerian citizens to boycott British products and produce. The Nigerian people will refuse to patronize British Airlines and Nigerian citizens will refuse to visit British Embassy or Submit Applications nor pay them any fees.

“The Conservative Ruling Party is compelled to refund all Visa Fees paid by Nigerians at home and Abroad for Residence and Visitors’ Application which was declined from the year 1999 to 2015. By the 14th of December, 2015 the Conservative Ruling Party are requested to pronounce immediate release of Nigerian citizens in Detention Centers or failure will see the British Embassies in Lagos/Abuja shut down from operation to the public”

“By 21st December, 2015, an ultimatum to release all Nigerian citizens in Detention Centres or face the consequence of British citizens resident in Nigeria equally deported back to United Kingdom unless those who have dual Nationalities.”

“The Conservative Ruling Party is given 28th of December, 2015 deadline to release names and profiles of deceased migrants’ records death since 1968 to 2015 as compelled by Law to release under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

They are required to release the names of the dead who committed suicide and those killed in the hands of UK Government Employees. They are to compile Dead Victims Dozier send to the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abuja. The Conservative Ruling Government are under a mandate to send to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘Arrangement and Provisions’ kept in place to compensate families of the deceased victims.”

Bear in mind, the United Kingdom plans to deport over 500 Nigerians who have been resident in that country today, (Tuesday) November 24, 2015.



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