Nicole Scherzinger And Ex Lewis Hamilton On Again?

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Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger and her boyfriend of many years Lewis Hamilton split months ago but new pictures seem to be raising a lot of questions about that.

Nicole, 37, who as you all know is one of the hottest women to ever walk the earth has been linked with Ed Sheeran after the break up. While Lewis on the other hand has been linked with Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna.

However, the body and soul always misses the one person it is used to and that might be why Lewis and Nicole were spotted at the same private event.

And even though Lewis Hamilton and Nicole were said to have arrived separately, their colorful ensemble seemed to pair them together.

Nicole Scherzinger 3 Nicole Scherzinger 2 Nicole Scherzinger Lewis Hamilton And even though Daily Mail claims an insider told them the duo aren’t back together and just happened to have been in the same event at the same time, we cannot help but notice how their outfits are in sync.

Plus Lewis or not, Nicole looks gorgeous all by herself in that H&M x Balmain silk blouse which she paired with denim.

By the way, do you want Lewis and Nicole back?

The gorgeous couple in 2011
The gorgeous couple in 2011

Or would you like him with Rihanna?

The Formula One champion and Rih do look good together too!
The Formula One champion and Rih do look good together too!

Hard to pick we admit, but who would you rather?

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