Neville: Ronaldo Does Not Have To Track Back

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2015 UEFA Team of The Year: Cristiano Ronaldo

Gary Neville has said Cristiano Ronaldo should be exempted from ever tracking back, due to the goals he scores for Madrid.

And it was written in a biography, that Mourinho and Ronaldo were involved in a heated exchange over the player’s ability to defend.

His former teammate, Gary Neville has backed Ronaldo and says he needs to save strength and score.

“In some of the big games even while he was at United, he was pushed up front,” Neville said on Sky Sports’ ‘Monday Night Football’.

“He’s the only player I can remember who you’d give the licence to, in the sense that he’d score 45 goals a season, which is a monstrous amount of goals.

“So actually, in some ways, you want him to have the energy when his team’s on the ball.

“In a perfect world you’d want everyone to work hard and in a team, but he’s the exception to the rule in my career that I played with where I think he actually has a reason not to work back, he just does that much going forward.”



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