Mum Whose Baby Is Being Fed Donated Breast Milk Speaks Out

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Mum Whose Baby Is Been Fed Donated Breast Milk Speaks Out

Thirty one year old, Sarah Whitney is a mother who gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Kah-El after being diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer when she was twenty weeks pregnant with her baby.
She was pregnant when she began her first process of chemotherapy and had to undergo a mastectomy which left her with only one breast.

Her emotional breast-feeding photographs which went viral this year were taken by a photographer Kate Murray after Sarah and everyone around displayed immense joy at the birth of baby Kah-el due to the high risk of uncertainty of his birth regarding complications of Sarah’s cancer diagnosis and treatment.

After Whitney’s midwife office, Gentle Birth Options, posted Murray’s images to their Facebook page, the photos went viral. Whitney says, at the time, she was focused on spending time with her son, and tried to stay out of the limelight. But after a local news site did a follow-up story on the photos earlier this week, the powerful images made their rounds on the Internet again. This time, Whitney says she’s ready to tell the story that goes with the touching images. – TodayNews

The photograph which showed newly-born Kah-El suckling unto Sarah’s only breast was inspiring to many mothers who knew just how she felt as being able to unable to breast-feed your child is a heartbreaking experience and the images was liked over nineteen thousand times and shared over a thousand.

Sarah who remained anonymous all through the period the images went viral across the globe until decidng to speak up in an interview with said she was ‘shocked’ the photographs went viral.

She said “I think for different people, they mean different things — maybe it’s the vulnerability, or maybe it’s that any woman that’s had a child knows you would do anything for them, or maybe it’s seeing a mom breastfeed against all odds’’.

Although she looks back at the photographs with endearment she isn’t so happy that her breastfeeding experience was abrupt because barely two weeks after her baby was born she her to go through a new and severe round of cancer treatment which made her breast milk harmful to her new-born son.

Sarah revealed that she enjoyed breastfeeding her two previous children (Corah, Seven, and Phoenix, Six) and was looking forward to breastfeeding the third but couldn’t as her milk would be bad for her baby and she didn’t want to jeopardize her baby’s health that way.

She was also informed by her doctors that she shouldn’t have any more children as pregnancy would increase the return of the cancer and could prove devastating to her health.

Shortly after her son’s birth, Sarah began radiotherapy and chemotherapy which she has concluded and is treating her cancer with the drug Herceptin. She is due for another mastectomy to remove her remaining breast to stop the cancer from spreading further and would be taking anti-hormone medication for the next ten years.

Kahl-El who is six months old now is being fed donated breast milk by other twenty-seven lactating mothers in her community.
She concluded the interview with “I have to accept it. I want to be here for the three children I have instead of risking it for a child that I don’t have.”
Sarah with six months old Kah-el
Sarah with Husband, Corah, Phoenix and Kah-el

Breast Cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer for women and being a mother and going through it must have been one of the worst experiences for Sarah Whitney. Yet she fought through it and stayed alive not just for her but also for her .children.

It is important for women to get regular breast examinations as the chances between getting better and dying out of the disease all lies in early diagnosis.




Source & Photo Credit – TodayNews

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