Monday Inspiration #1 – With Love From Switzerland

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Inspiration this monday takes a stroll to the wonderful sights of Switzerland, Dubai, Paris and Italy to bring to your viewing delight, images that will delight your soul. and appreciate life and nature while applauding mother earth for the wonderful creations she has had the honor of bestowing upon us. Most times we spend so much time engrossed in our lives and world and fail to take a breathe to just appreciate the great things of life. The saying ‘The Most Beautiful Things In Life Come FREE’ is so true on many counts.

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While some of us don’t have the chance to travel as much as we want to due to reasons ranging from busy schedule to health or finance, some of us do travel and just love to share our journey with people of common interests. Shared interests they say is the main spice for true friendship. So to all those who love the great outdoors, we are sure this beautiful graphics will resonate well with your grateful soul and you’d connect to it on a deeper level. Keep loving life, stay happy and most of all spread love. Life is way too short for anything besides Love.

This week as you take time out to work, so also take time and pause, take a breath of appreciation as every country has its own delight. We went to Switzerland this week, let us know what country you would love to see their delights on the next Monday Inspiration and we would grace your attention with fascinating imagery.

Here are two facts you probably didn’t know about the country and it’s people.

The Swiss are an educated population – in 2013, 86 per cent of adults aged 25–64 had the equivalent of a high school diploma.


Once married, many women do not work – childcare is not readily available, children come home from school for lunch, shops close at 6pm, and in 2013, voters rejected an amendment which would make it easier for parents to combine work and family.

Live, Love, Learn. 




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