Messi Is Fully Recovered – Enrique

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Barcelona coach, Luis Enrique has revealed Messi is fully recovered from injury and he is pretty excited about it.

Messi came off the bench, since suffering a injury back in September against Real Madrid, as Barcelona won 4-0.

And with Barcelona facing Roma in the UCL, Enrique has assured Messi will play the match.

“He is back fit and this is a joy for us – to see the greatest player back again and now we get to enjoy him,” he told reporters.

“Messi is fully recovered, he is already in the right frame of mind and his injury is forgotten. He has to recover his muscle tone and his form, but you have to play to recover that.”

“I’ve always got on well with Messi,” explained Luis Enrique when questioned over problems with Messi when he first arrived at Barcelona.

“I’ve always had good relationships with most of my players. I empathize more with some than others, but that is normal, like in school with classmates, but my relationship with all my players is good. What happens in the locker room stays there.”



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