Men’s Health Thursday: Sex Bucket List For Every Nigerian Man

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Do you know what a SEX Bucket List is? Well, I also didn’t at first. Had to ask my editor what it was and she told me to ask google, lol. I did and I discovered some really interesting things which I would be sharing with you.



For that Nigerian man who wants to up his player or romantic tempo and show your lady lover you definitely know what’s up in the sexual scene.


Let’s start at the beginning, shall we. What’s a SEX Bucket List? A Sex Bucket List is a list of every sexual experience you ought to try out before you die. Yessir! It just got your attention, right? As it did mine. And trust, there are some very interesting things to do. So, if you are married especially if you’ve been for a while and need some magic to spice up your sex life, grab a cup of coffee cos your day just got interesting.


Whether you want to share this information with your lover is all up to you, but I will advise you do share, maybe they may have an idea of what your fantasy is and is willing to fulfill it for you. They can also share some of theirs with you if they have any sexual bucket list desires and you both could have a great time.

Some of this moves are also fun for virgin-lovers ie first timers (not necessarily the literal virgins) couples or partners having sex for the first time.

Lets get a-reading as I’ll be giving you 10 Of The Sexual Desires You definitely want in your bucket list as a Nigerian man seeing as you would want to impress your lover with your new sexpertise.

Don’t forget to thank us when you get more than your desires fulfilled.


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no sex

Have you ever had no-kiss sex? Well if you haven’t you need to try it out. It’s crazy steamy. To get the utmost pleasure, stick a finger into her  mouth and let her suckle on it.

This move goes best when you tell your partner about it so she doesn’t feel offended with the idea lest she thinks you’re deliberately avoiding having to kiss her cos something’s wrong with her breathe.

If you aren’t having this fantasy with your lover, then you could afford to keep the secret to yourself. Just turn that butt over and get sexing.



cheating girlfriend

Yeah I know, you wouldn’t want to be the submissive one sexually but trust me, that’s one move you want to try out. Being tied or bound up will be scary for you at first seeing as you don’t really trust your partner’s intention but that’s the idea.

To be the submissive one rather than always being the dominant in the relationship. If you’re playing this out with your lover, she should be into the kinks so she knows just how to please you while you try to break free.

She would probably be surprised at seeing a guy who wants to be tied up but that’s the idea right, to show her just how different and sexperienced you are.



pleasure her

It’s been proven that girls like vibrators seeing as most of them masturbate anyways so it’s pretty cool if you are able to find a girl to fulfill this desire among your list of sex bucket list. If she’s down for that, then you’re three doors down to fulfilling your desires. Plus that move is one that will give you ample access to her vjayvjay while making the moment about pleasuring her your ultimate goal.

This is one to really try out if you’ve been together for a while and your sex life needs some spicing up. Aim at pleasing her. That’s all what ‘pleasure her’ is all about, pleasing, teasing and leading her orgasm.





Maybe you’ve already had a threesome but have you tried it out while tied up? Oh yeah, I just felt your eyes get brighter. Playing captive to two chicks is freaking hot and they will pleasure you like you’ve never been pleasured before. Unlike when you’re free and just want to shag both chicks.

With your hands bound, you submit to them. They pleasure themselves while you get to watch. In as much you want to reach out and touch you’re unable to and that helplessness is what being bound up during a threesome is all about. Even when you have to have sex with any of the girls while being tied, you’ll find yourself reaching out for as much pleasure as possible and that is just the height of this method.

Kind of like prison sex, you take as much as can since you could get locked away at any time.



role play

Ever role-played during sex? Maybe, Maybe not. If you have, then you know your roles can be endless, all you have to do is pick a character and act it out with your lover. And if you haven’t well I’ll give you a clue, playing Dr is always a big turn on. I don’t know why ladies always fantasize on men in uniform.

If you have to role play with your partner and you want to get the optimal pleasure, pick a dominant role. Although some girls are kinky enough to ask you to play the role of a man in a lesser role, maybe they fantasize on preying on the weak who they feel they can use or manipulate sexually.

You could play whoever she wants and she can also participate so you both can achieve optimal results. But, you’d count yourself lucky if she’s ready to play nurse and doctor. Don’t forget that role playing works best with costumes and nothing underneath. Or you could just be Idris Elba and make a girls dream ‘cum’ through. lol.




Officially one of my favorites. I love this particular one as you just don’t know whats going to happen next and anticipating on winning and losing is the ultimate turn-on. Plus you just keep playing, the loser is naked to a point and the winner might still have a piece of clothe(s) on.

Also the winner reserves the right to give any piece of clothing back to the loser in exchange for whatever delights the winner.

This move is particularly special for couples as you would have so much fun, laughing at each others ridiculous errors and just having a great time, culminating in one of the greatest sexual experiences of your life.




You get high sometimes either by alcohol or drugs. But have you gotten high with a sexual interest before? It’s one you should try. The effectiveness of this particular desire lies in the willingness of your partner.

It’s best you seek their consent and if it’s gotten, you’re in for a helluva ride. With every inhibition broken and nothing holding you back, both of you will be as free to go the extra mile as possible.

Find out what she prefers to get intoxicated with seeing as most girls say no to beer and anything alcoholic, you can convince her that champagne is good for the soul. And cream also work for them too. Basically any sweet alcoholic drink would suffice for her unless she’s into other kinds of high.

Once a week married couples should try this move. It’s daring, freeing and orgasmic.



mirror sex

It wouldn’t be an easy fit but it would be a great one if you have the sweet tricks to pull it off. If you intend riding this one out with a girl, treat her in a special way so she knows she can trust you and let go and just enjoy watching herself in front of the mirror while you do your thang.

The horse-move is best ie standing doggy (or whatever you know it as) but it’s basically the move where you enter the woman from behind while standing, with your hand on her throat for access to her mouth and the other on her breast, fondling away.

Command her to look into the mirror and she’ll definitely be turned on by what she sees staring back at herself.



shower sex

Enough of the ‘always on the bed position’. Time it for when she’s having her bath. All naked and wet and having a bath, then you storm in, grab her and pin her on the bathroom wall while you lift off one of her legs so your penis can have access to her vjayjay. She wouldn’t see it coming so the adrenaline rush is enough to send her into major orgasm.

Tell her you want to have mad-bath sex with her (she probably wouldn’t know what it is) and she needs to bear the pain and be loud because it’s about to be a rough and bumpy ride.

Plus you could try this out with any sexual interest, fling, stranger, one-night stand or lover. After the sex is done, you both take a bath.


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rough sex

This is for those who can bear the pain of hard sex so you must really consider your female lover and ascertain if she has the stamina to survive this dangerous 007 move.

This position isn’t done on the bed and as the name goes must be done raw without protection so you ought to be sure who you’d do this sex bucket list desire with.

If you find her, then it’s time to go the hard way. Any style you decide to move with must be done harder than usual and must include you going nasty, crazy and kinky all the way. Loud moans, dirty talk and deep powerful thrusts is the way for the rough, rugged and raw sexperience.


While practicing out the SEX Bucket List For The Nigerian Man, it is worthy to note that women vary, as what Chidinma might fancy, Tiwa would frown at, so don’t let your lover’s rejection of an idea from your bucket list deter you from trying out others. There’s ten for you. It’s time you reach into your inner sex god and create new fantasies.

Get creative, Get sexing. And play safe. Adios. 












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