Not In The Mood For Sex? Here Are Four Things To Do Instead

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As men, we are expected to always be in the mood for sex whenever our partners come calling. Whether we admit it or not, trying to always be ready and staying on top of the game puts a lot of undue pressure on us as human beings. A lot of the time, men have to accept to have sex not because they want to, but because their partners require it at that point in time. This may cause difficultly in gaining and sustaining an erection while making them think the worse that they are in the process of having erectile dysfunction.

As a result, men may want to consider having a change of mind and asking themselves certain questions when their partners come asking for sex.

Do I really want this now? should be the major thing to ask yourself and if the answer is in the negative, you may want to consider telling her the truth. Admit you’re stressed or turned off  and promise to make the next time you have sex worth the wait. In the interim however, you may want to consider doing these four things that are sure to keep the fire burning without sex on the table.
Compliment Her Pubic Region

Women appreciate it when men make positive comments about their genital area. A lot of research studies have shown that people who are comfortable with their genitals have more positive feelings towards sex and experience more fulfilling orgasms. As such, instead of going all out for sex when you’re tired, you can consider exploring her body, especially the lower extremities. Tell her how wonderful her body is, how sweet she’s tastes down there and how it would be lovely the next time you have sex.

Do A Lot Of Sexual Talk

Emotional intimacy is a grossly underrated part of lovemaking in the bedroom. Being emotionally and sensually intimate can help both of you achieve orgasm without having to penetrate her vagina. You and your partner can choose to talk about your memorable sexual experiences of the past and how you’d love to relive it. You can also opt to talk about how you both fell for each other and the rough patches you passed through. This will help to create a tight bond between both of you.

Workout Together

If you have enough time on your hands, you can try working out with your partner as a means of bonding without the option of sex. There are training programs designed to increase arousal for women and which can make them experience orgasm. This type of pleasure derived from exercises is a bit difficult to achieve as it entails knee raises and cardio workouts. The resultant fatigue may cause arousal leading to orgasm.

Whet Her Sexual Appetite

Instead of opting for penetrative sex, you could actually wet her sexual appetite. A lot of vagina creams and lubricants known as lube abound which can make your spouse enjoy sexual pleasure without the option of penetration. Water based lubricants can help your woman get her vagina walls wet while being aroused. This can help her easily achieve orgasm without penetration.



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