#Men’s Health Thursday: 5 Ways To Boost Your Libido

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Eat Fatty Foods

We’ve heard of all the reasons to cut down on fatty foods but removing fat completely from your diet can cause your libido to go down. According to a publication in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, men who consumed high levels of fatty foods had the highest level of testosterone. So as not to let your heart suffer while eating fatty foods, it is advisable you eat monounsaturated fats contained in fish and nuts.

Reduce Your Waistline

Research has shown that testosterone levels become significantly lower with an increase in waist size. As a matter of fact, a significant increase of 4 in the your body mass index has the potential of accelerating a decline in age related testosterone levels in 5 to 10 years. This has an untoward effect on your ability to gain an erection and as such, it is important you go on a diet and lose weight especially around your waist and tummy.

Cut Down On The Alcohol

Downing too much booze can have a negative effect on the male hormones. A recent study conducted in the Netherlands found that men who drank moderate quantity of alcohol daily for 21 Days had about 7 percent decrease in the level of their testosterone. This shows that cutting back on the alcohol would do your libido a whole lot of good.

Cutback On Stress

Any type of stress, be it mental or physical can cause a reduction in your testosterone levels by causing an increase in the amount of the hormone -cortisol. Cortisol acts by suppressing the body’s ability to produce and use testosterone in the body. Reduce your stress levels and work out appropriately to get your libido back to where it should be.

Get Bigger Biceps

Researchers in Finland found that men who lifted weights regularly had about 50 percent more free testosterone than men who didn’t. Lead researcher, Dr. David Zava, Ph.D., CEO of ZRT Laboratory says “As you strengthen your muscles, the amount of testosterone your body produces increases.” An increase in the testosterone levels can be achieved by lifting weights twice a week for a few months.



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