MEN ONLY! 5 Grossest Things Not To Wear On A First Date

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Because first impressions matter a great deal, it is only wise to make it unforgettable in a positive way.

Dressing for a first date needs a lot of considerations because that first date might eventually lead to a forever, and you don’t want to hold onto a bad memory for the rest of your life.

Women care a lot about appearances, hence it doesn’t matter if you have picked out the best spots for your date, remembered to wear a sweet smelling cologne or even arrived in the best car, her attention will still be drawn to your scruffy outfit.

While the other things are important, dressing correctly ranks as high because looking sharp exhumes confidence.

For the sake of your first date, we have put together a list of some of the things you should not be caught in…



evercis shorts

Except your first date is on a racing track (which I bet is not the case), do not ever think of showing up in those long exercise pants that are only fit for the gym.


man u jersey

We applaud your devotion to a football team but your first date is not the best time to show your support so NO, it’s not cool to show up in your jersey.



Polo shirts are one of the easiest things you could slip into but when they look like what hundreds of children could gather underneath during a stormy weather is the problem exactly. You don’t want to end up looking like someone passed the shirt to you.



Wearing Running shoes on a first date is just as offensive as showing up in exercise pants. Like I said before, except you want us to end up on the field do not attempt to show up in your running shoes, it’s too gross to put up with.



Except you are Banky W, you have no reason whatsoever to show up in a fedora hat. Because the message that passes across is that you are trying to conceal the size of your head.












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