Men In Black 4 Is Coming, And A Woman Is The Lead Act

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Producers talk Men In Black 4

After 3 installments of testosterone-filled action, the Men In Black series is getting a very feminine revamp.

Producers talk Men In Black 4
Producers talk Men In Black 4

Series producer Laurie MacDonald, in an interview with BBC Newsbeat, said: “There will be a prominent woman in black in the fourth [film].”

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It is yet to be known if regular star Will Smith will star in the new movie of the hugely successful franchise, which has grossed over $1.6 billion dollars at the box office.

“We are quite early on in it,” co producer Walter Parkes said. “We sort of looked at the first three in retrospect as a bit of a trilogy.”

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“We tried to tell a story about those two characters and that relationship,” Parkes added.

“It sounds silly because it’s a fun, science fiction comedy but when you work on these things you sort of try to find some thematic basis underneath it.”



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