Maga Or Mugu – My Girlfriend Slept With My Best-friend Now She Claims The Baby Is Mine

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Maga Or Mugu – My Girlfriend Slept With My Best-friend Now She Claims The Baby Is Mine

I usually don’t tell anyone my problem but like they say, a problem shared is a problem half-solved so I would take the courage to share mine.

When in the University, precisely in my third year, I had little issues with my results so I had to step down a year. I was involved in an examination malpractice that almost got me expelled but as God would have it, I was asked to step down rather than just get expelled. It was devastating for me as I always thought I would just get through, go for my NYSC, get a good job and practically just settle down. I guess that’s the dream of every Nigerian undergraduate.

While my mates proceeded to their final year, I remained in my third year. I didn’t even let my parents know about to because I knew it would really hurt them so I just handled the situation on my own. I used to do yahoo so I always had flow of cash from time to time. I also had a girlfriend I really liked and we had been going steady for a while before I was asked to step down and she proceeded to her final year.

She later graduated that year and went for service among the Batch A corpers. She was posted to Abuja and at that time my best friend was living there. He had gotten admission into a private school because his parents were wealthy so he had attended a private school, finished early and was already working in one of his father’s companies. When my girlfriend told me she was serving in Abj, I wanted to make everything easy for her so I told my best-friend to accommodate her and he didn’t object.

I didn’t think things through as all I wanted was to make the Youth Service experience as easy for my girl as possible, plus I also knew my best-friend had a girlfriend (she was in the UK) he was very serious with and was planning on settling down with so I never thought they would have anything to do with each other.

While my girl was rounding off service in Abj I was finishing up with my final year and prepping for mine. She passed out and came back to Lagos. I never knew or suspected anything happened between my girlfriend and best-friend.

I had a cousin in Malaysia who was doing very well and he asked me to come over and forget about the NYSC, so I looked at the situation of the Nigerian economy knowing very well that the only thing I would benefit from NYSC was just the certificate because first of all there was no job in the country so even the certificate won’t provide me with a job.
I took my cousins advice, received blessing from my parents and made my way to Malaysia. I was still with my girlfriend. Two years now.

I stayed in Malaysia the first year while working for my cousin who had an auto repair shop and he was doing really well, plus I was still doing g so I still had steady income, I met lots of Naija boys there so it was almost like home.

After a year in Malaysia I had saved up enough money to come home and marry my girlfriend so I took a month break and came back to Naija.

When I first got back, my girl wasn’t in Lagos, she was in Abuja. After NYSC she still hadn’t gotten a job so she had taken make up classes cos it seemed being a makeup artist was good business so she usually travel from state to state to do make up for people. That was what she told me.

For my entire stay, my girl kept on telling me she was in Abuja today, Jos tomorrow, Benue next tomorrow, for a whole moth she kept on giving me the run about.

I didn’t mind, I loved her, I never knew anything was amiss. I was too busy trying to help my cousin clear his container that had come in, sell off the products in them so I could recover the money I had invested in the business.

Even when I offered to fly down to where she was, she refused. So I kept on working and waiting for her. I hadn’t told her yet that the main reason I had come back as to marry her and take her with me to Malaysia cos I was doing well there. The country was hard but for bad-sharp guys, life was rosy. I wasn’t doing anything illegal, just my normal yahoo and import and export biz. The money was good.

Till I left Naija, I didn’t see my girlfriend. I trusted her because I always believed in a woman being independent so I never stressed her or fought with her about why she would make me come back to Naija only for her to bail on me. I was too busy thinking of making more money to be stressed that way.

Unknown to me, the reason my girlfriend avoided me that period was because she had had just given birth to my best-friend’s baby (she was staying with her girlfriend in Benue) and still had the pregnant look so she had to avoid me at all cost even if it meant us breaking up but she knew we wouldn’t break up because she actually knew I loved her so much. How did I find out?

After I left Lagos, I had to come back again cos my mom was very ill and this time I didn’t even tell her I was coming back. Although we speak over the phone almost every day, I just didn’t think I should tell her, it was just a hunch, so I decided to go with it. I came back six months prior to my previous visit.

I called her, told her I was in Lagos and she should come to my house. My mom was ill and I wanted my mm to see the girl I wanted to get married to. On hearing it was marriage, she came out whatever cave she was hiding from. When I saw her, she didn’t look pregnant or like she had given birth, I guess she had worked hard on herself so I wouldn’t notice.

I took her to meet my mum at the hospital. They greeted amicably and after she left to go wait for me in the car, my mum told me that I shouldn’t marry her. I asked her why, and she said that her instinct just knows she wasn’t a good girl and wouldn’t make a good wife for me. I loved my girlfriend and my mum couldn’t tell me who I would or wouldn’t marry.

That night we had sex for the first time in almost two years, say a year and seven months (I kept the date cos I was counting down to when we would have sex next). I tried turning on the light so I could see her body but she refused insisting I turn the light off, when I tried to suck her breasts she refused, she just grabbed my penis, kissed me and put me inside her, when I told her we needed to use protection, she told me there was no point since we would be getting married anyway, so I obliged her, and I ejaculated inside her.

The next morning she asked me how long I had to stay and I told her at least two weeks but that I would come back to pay her bride price. For the rest two weeks, we didn’t have sex again because she always had a reason to not sleep over at my place, using the excuse of us waiting until after marriage.

I didn’t mind, I loved my girlfriend.


Fast forward, four months later. I was in Malaysia when my girl called and told me she was pregnant with my baby and I was really happy so I told her to go and meet my mum so they could both talk. I wanted to start the process for marriage immediately because I didn’t want to bring shame to her head. My mum called and told me that she was in the house and we put the phone on conference call and talked about how to go about the traditional marriage process. Everything was going great.

That same night my best friend called, we hadn’t spoken in a while, and he told me he needed to tell me something, and he knew I would hate him forever but that he just had to tell me.

He told me that my girlfriend already had a child for him, and that he told her he wouldn’t marry her but that he would take care of the baby who was about thirteen months old ie 1 year and 1 month at the time of this drama.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It suddenly seemed like I was a cast in a Nollywood movie. I called my girlfriend and asked her about it but she told me it was a lie and that it was the work of enemies who wanted to run our relationship.

I knew I had to come back to Naija immediately, so I left everything I was doing in Malaysia and took a flight down the next day.

When I got to Nigeria, I invited my best friend down, and he came with his uncle who was a witness to the fact that my girl friend actually did have a child for him, my girlfriend refused to come that day.

She came the next day with her father and her elder brother.

We had a meeting and she produced the one-year-plus baby and I didn’t need anyone to tell me he was my best friend’s son. My girlfriend was crying and begging and telling me to forgive her that it was the devils work. While she was serving in Abj she had developed a relationship with my best-friend and since I wasn’t in the country for more than a year, she had sex with him occasionally.

She revealed that the reason she couldn’t see me the first time I came back thirteen months ago was because she had just birthed a baby for my best-friend but that she was being honest that this four-months pregnancy was mine of which my best friend said it was a lie because he also had sex with her during that time.

Sometimes I wonder what can make a man cry but this, this is just painful. I can’t even stop crying. I feel like the laughing stock of men. I feel so hurt.

I did everything, everything for this girl, is it money, clothes, even the house she lives in, I paid for it, and she’s nursing another man’s baby in the house, sleeping with another man in the house I paid for.

Naturally, I am a very calm person so I don’t even know how to react violently because that’s what I feel like doing.
I feel like hurting both of them.

Her brother and father insists I must marry her.
My mum says over her dead body.
My father refuses to speak to m because he calls me a weak man and that it’s not possible I am from his loins.

I look at this girl I love and can’t believe women can be this heartless, cunny and mean. How do I ever trust a woman again after being deceived like this? For a whole year this girl played me like a fool, one whole year.

I feel like the fool of the century. I feel stupid and used.
But the crazy thing is I really loved this girl with my life and I never cheated on her not even once both in Nigeria and when I went to Malaysia.
I don’t even know what to do right now cos it’s possible the baby is mine as well as my best friend’s. – Anonymous





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  1. Don’t marry her pls, she’s not worth it u will regret it later on. Just wait till she gvs birth, and go 4 DNA&if d baby comes out 2b urs, just take care of ur child, but never make the mistake of marrying her. She’s desperate, cunny n wicked coz I know d baby ain’t urs.And d fact dat she still sleeps with ur best friend is not acceptable @all. There are gud girls out there, it’s just so unfortunate dat u fell in love with dz one. Life goes on, just have to find another good, responsible woman that’s worth iur love.

  2. If ds story is true, dat meanz she tuk advantage of ur ignorance and naivityShe doesnt deserve to b ur wife. Sleeping with ur frnd signifies she doesnt luv u. She luvs ur bestfrnd and coz she waz abandoned by ur bestfrnd she had to just outsmart u and jump bak to ur life. So she wont lose completely. God knows wat gud deed u might av done for him to reveal her true identity wen u ar abt getting married her. Itz a sign she z not going to b a gud wife. Wait till she gives birth and if d child is urs thru DNA take responsibility for d child. God wil giv u a better wife who wil love and understand u

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